Location Consulting & Facilities

Mobile Working and Resting Rooms, Mobile Dressing Rooms, Mobile Makeup Rooms, Trailer, Caravan, Tents (Rental/Sales)

Location Consulting & Facilities: Mobile Working and Resting Rooms, Mobile Dressing Rooms, Mobile Makeup Rooms, Trailer, Caravan, Tents (Rental/Sales)

Contact Claude Ludovicy
Phone +352 661 133133
Fax+352 24611088
Mobile +352 661 133133
Email claude@lcf.lu
Homepage   http://www.lcf.lu
Address   8 Millewee
7661 Medernach

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year title movie type director production comment
2011 Une Nuit Feature Film Lucas Belvaux Agat Films & Cie [... facility vehicles
2011 Tribulations d'une Caissière Feature Film Pierre Rambaldi Nexus Factory [be] facility vehicles
2011 Comme un homme Feature Film Safy Nebbou Samsa Film [lu] facility vehicles
2011 J'enrage de son absence Feature Film Sandrine Bonnaire Iris Productions S... facility vehicles
2011 La vie d'une autre Feature Film Sylvie Testud PTD - Paul Thiltge... facility vehicles
2010 Tabu - Es ist die Seele ein Fr... Feature Film Christoph Stark Eclypse Filmpartne... Location consultant
2010 Nuit Blanche Feature Film Frédéric Jardin Chic Films [fr] facility Vehicles
2010 Les Géants Feature Film Bouli Lanners Versus Production ... facility Vehicles
2010 Isabelle Feature Film Ben Sombogaart Samsa Film [lu] facility Vehicles
2010 Hot Hot Hot Feature Film Beryl Koltz Samsa Film [lu] facility Vehicles
2010 Chez Gino Feature Film Samuel Benchetrit Fidélité Films [fr... facility Vehicles
2010 De Force Feature Film Frank Henry Iris Productions S... location consultant
2010 R.I.F. - Recherche dans l'Inté... Feature Film Frank Mancuso Epheme Productions... location consultant
2010 Belle du Seigneur Feature Film Glenio Bonder Delux Productions ...
2010 The Hot Potato Feature Film Tim Lewiston Wardour Pictures P...
2010 Valparaiso Feature Film Jean Christophe De... Samsa Film [lu] facility vehicles
2010 Vauban Documentary Pascal Cuissot Tarantula [lu] [be... location equipment
2010 Largo Winch II Feature Film Jérôme Salle Pan Européenne Pro... facility Vehicles
2010 Ma part du gâteau Feature Film Cédric Klapisch Ce Qui Me Meut Mot... facility Vehicles
2010 Libre Échange Feature Film various Chapter 2 [fr] facility Vehicles


Claude Ludovicy
phone: +352 661 133133
mobile: +352 661 133133
eMail: claude@lcf.lu

Nico Herschbach
mobile: +352 661 144144
eMail: stuck@lcf.lu

Karine Marie
Picture cars,product placement
department: Location Consulting / Location scouting
phone: +352 691 166166
mobile: +352 691 166166
eMail: karine@lcf.lu

Gaby Meyers
Stand-by driver

Franz Muller
Stand-by Driver

Ayman Shedata
stand-by driver

Marek Szydlik

Svet Hrouchoff
stand-by driver
phone: +352 661 133133
eMail: info@lcf.lu


26 rue de la Place
1495 Marbais (Villers la Ville)
phone: +32 495 173491
fax: +32 10 390256
eMail: info@lcf.lu
8 Millewee
7661 Medernach
phone: +352 661 133133
fax: +352 246 11088
eMail: claude@lcf.lu

year of foundation 2001
number of employees 8
immediate working area HQ: EUROPA (Köln-Paris-Brüssel-Luxemburg)
other offices: Brussels, Luxembourg