Nancy Géron


Nancy Géron, wardrobe, Berlin

Mobile   +49 151 65160175
Phone   +49 151 65160175

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Projects as wardrobe
year title movie type director production comment
2017 Wenn schon falsch, dann richti... TV Movie, ARD, Degeto Holger Haase Wüste Medien GmbH
2017 Gundermann Feature Film Andreas Dresen Pandora Film Produkt... additional wardrobe
2017 Acht Tage TV Series, Sky [de] (v... various NEUESUPER GmbH & CO.... für Komparserie + Vorbereitung
2016 In Times of Fading Light Feature Film Matti Geschonneck MOOVIE GmbH additional wardrobe, historisch 80er / 90er DDR
2016 Über die Grenze - Alles auf ei... TV-Movie (Serie..., Degeto, SWR Michael Rowitz Polyphon Pictures Gm... + Vorbereitung

Film projects in other activities
year title movie type director production comment
2014 Der Fall Barschel Mini-Series, ARD, Degeto Kilian Riedhof Zeitsprung Pictures ... costume design trainee, historisch 80er ...

Further Projects
year project-type title occupation company external link
2016 stage play Chuzpe Garderobiere Theater am Kudamm  

Basic details
nationality Belgian
languages German (mother tongue), English (good), French (fluently), Dutch (basic)
experience shooting in foreign countries Western Europe: France, Switzerland
special skillsSync on Set
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Gute Schnittkenntnisse
Actors Breakdown

own equipmentGarderobieren-Equipment
licences B (car)
immediate working area Berlin
1st residence Berlin
other possibilities of accommodation Aachen, Düsseldorf, Freiburg