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24h Berlin - A Day in the Life (2008)
german title 24 h Berlin - Ein Tag im Leben
movie type Documentary
directed by diverse
writing credits Volker Heise
executive production Zero One Film GmbH
distributor Celluloid Dreams [fr...
country Germany
genre Doku

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Cast Part
Claus-Peter Rathjen  Barbesucher  [SR]

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Departement Credit Name
Accounting Dept. production accountant Arlette Heyn
Broadcast Engineering technical manager Tobias Büchner
technical assistant Emile Salanon
technical assistant Patrick Conrad
technical assistant Holger Scheller
technical assistant Ersin Yilmaz
technical assistant Agnieszka Krolik
technical assistant Sascha Dyballa
technical assistant Zoriglon Ayush
technical assistant Jeantet Andrianarison
technical assistant Teddy Sadeli 24h Dokumentation
technical assistant Mirko Schlabeck
Camera Department director of photography Isabelle Casez
director of photography Henning Brümmer
director of photography Sebastian Lempe
director of photography Knut Schmitz
director of photography Merle Jothe HD
director of photography Yoliswa von Dallwitz
director of photography Ralf Klingelhöfer 1.440 min (m.v.a.) - XDCamEX
director of photography Börres Weiffenbach Regie: Thomas Heise
director of photography Peter Badel
director of photography Rene Dame
director of photography Claus Deubel
director of photography Jörg Jeshel
director of photography Birgit Gudjonsdottir
director of photography Lorenz Haarmann
director of photography Michael Hammon
director of photography Andy Lehmann
director of photography Lars Lenski
director of photography Frank Müller
director of photography Ralph Netzer
director of photography Patrick Orth
director of photography Claudia Rauch
director of photography Istvan Imreh
director of photography Axel Schneppat
director of photography Frank Amann
director of photography Andrea Gatzke
director of photography Jens Staeder
director of photography Matthias Schellenberg
director of photography Boris Becker
director of photography Susanna Salonen
director of photography Hajo Schomerus
director of photography Christian Marohl
director of photography Sebastian Bäumler
director of photography Frank Griebe
director of photography John Toft
director of photography Bettina Herzner
director of photography Alexander Gheorghiu
director of photography Dieter Stürmer
director of photography Robert Laatz
director of photography Thomas Wind
director of photography Danny Tatzelt
director of photography Martin Baer
director of photography Claus Judeich
director of photography Nicolai Zörn
director of photography Eric Ferranti
director of photography Lutz Reitemeier Arte doc event
director of photography Benedict Neuenfels
director of photography Grischa Schmitz
director of photography Marcus Lenz
director of photography Frank Marten Pfeiffer
director of photography Frank Kranstedt
director of photography Stefan Grandinetti
director of photography Rainer M. Schulz
director of photography Markus Zucker
director of photography Boris Joens
director of photography Björn Bethke
director of photography Ines Thomsen
director of photography Fred Brück
director of photography Eva Maschke
director of photography Susanne Schüle
director of photography Johann Feindt
director of photography Volkmar Kochan
director of photography Pierre Bouchez
director of photography Eva Radünzel
director of photography Thomas Keller [1] 
director of photography Henner Besuch
director of photography Thomas Plenert
director of photography Martin Langner
director of photography Günter Berghaus
director of photography André Jäger
director of photography Dennis Pauls
director of photography Armin Dierolf
director of photography Andreas Hartmann
director of photography Friedemann Rehse
director of photography Jule Katinka Cramer
director of photography Natalia Mikhaylova
director of photography Frank Peter Lehmann
director of photography Karin Werner
director of photography Peter Klotz
director of photography Gunther Merz
director of photography Torsten Falk
director of photography Thomas Zahn
director of photography Katja Fedulova
director of photography Salomé Lou Römer
director of photography Vojtech Pokorny
first assistant camera Frank Ullmann
Casting casting assistant Karin Kruse
casting assistant Ringo Kaufhold
Director's Department director Konrad Kästner
director Romuald Karmakar
director Dirk Laabs
director Andreas Pichler
director Döndü Kilic
director Susanna Salonen
director Ilka Franzmann
director Andres Veiel
director Jutta Doberstein
director Alice Agneskirchner
director Britt Beyer
director Bettina Haasen
director Florian Opitz
director Regina Schilling
director Corinna Belz
director Bettina Blümner
director Thorsten Trimpop
director Caterina Klusemann
director Andreas Voigt
director Hubertus Siegert
director Hanna Doose
director Tom Kimmig
director Silvia Chiogna
director Maja Classen
director Kerstin Hoppenhaus
director Brigitte Maria Bertele
director Stefan Schwietert
director Maren Niemeyer
director Sebastian Heidinger
director Frank Müller
director Tamara Trampe
director Susanne Binninger
director Alfred Behrens
director Dominik Wessely Episode
director Jette Miller
director Calle Overweg
director Sissi Isabelle Hüetlin
director Griet von Petersdorff
director Sibylle Tiedemann
director Karin Jurschick
director Sabine Brand
director Caroline Goldie
director Thomas Heise
director Mechthild Gassner
director Knut Beulich Die Klostergeschichte...
director Volker Koepp
director Nathalie Steinbart
director Hans Rombach
director Ute Badura
director Mirko Dreiling
director Heidi Specogna
director Neelesha Barthel
director Eva Stotz
director Volker Heise Künstlerische Leitung
director Jo Goll
director Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu
director Gerd Conradt
director Judith Beuth
director Oliver Jarasch
director Oliver Rauch
director Roland May
director Sven Ihden
director Hakan Savas Mican
director Rosa von Praunheim
director Arpad Bondy
director Elfi Mikesch
director Matthias Luthardt
director Heike Hartung
director Conny Klauss
1st assistant director Yan Schoenefeld 1st Assistent Director
1st assistant director Sarah Polligkeit Persönliche Assistentin Volker Heise
1st assistant director Maria Gerono ab 28.07.08
Editing editor Annette Muff
editor Wolfram Kohler
editor Rudi Zieglmeier
editor Christina Preussker
assistant editor Sabine Kammacher Vorschnitt
assistant editor Anke Lanzón
assistant editor Sandra Kocanek 24h Berlin - Der Film, 2009
Music composer Maurus Ronner
composer Andreas T. Fuchs additional music
pro tools operator Florian Schneeweiß f. TonPostproduktion
Producer producer Thomas Kufus
assistant to producer Ann Carolin Renninger
Production Design production designer Max Eichenlaub Ausstattung Redaktion
location scout Roland Gerhardt + Helicopter Aufnahmeleiter
graphic artist Rebecca Riedel
Production Mgt. line producer Mathias Schwerbrock
line producer Tassilo Aschauer
production manager Jette Achleitner
production manager Ann Carolin Renninger
post production supervisor Martin Kleppel
assistant production manager Isabell Kleinhardt 80 Teams, 24h Programm für rbb und Arte
assistant production manager Florian Oberle
assistant production manager Katrin Dröse
assistant production manager Jörg Steinhaus Praktikum: Postproduktion & Nachrecherche
Post Production Assistant Sven Klaus
unit manager Barbara Ella Nehring Leitende 1.AL -80 Teams, 24 h Programm
location manager Jakob Neuhäusser Unit Mgr for 10 Units
location manager Sven Großmann 1. AL für 10 Teams
location manager Daniel Funke für 10 von 80 Teams
location manager Thomas Schnatmeyer 1.AL für 11 Teams
location manager Christian Richter
location manager Sabina Doerr
location manager Doris Jaud
location manager Martin Pirschel
location manager Simone Arndt
location manager Alexander Binder
staff dispatcher Ismail Sahin
transportation coordinator Christoph Renger
set manager / 3rd AD Jan Pyko
set manager / 3rd AD Tom Kretschmar 03.09. bis 06.09.2008
set manager / 3rd AD Vanessa Nica Müller
set manager / 3rd AD Kai Guballa
set manager / 3rd AD Robin Maas
set manager / 3rd AD David Garsoffky
set manager / 3rd AD Ralf Wenning
set manager / 3rd AD Caroline Müller
set manager / 3rd AD Ali Yurdakan
set manager / 3rd AD Artur Niemczuk
set manager / 3rd AD Georg Tschurtschenthaler
set manager / 3rd AD Anne-Kathrin Seemann
set manager / 3rd AD Sol Bondy rbb / arte
set manager / 3rd AD Dirk Drebelow
set manager / 3rd AD Jens Pyper
set manager / 3rd AD Jennifer Heruday
set manager / 3rd AD Jakob Reinhart Thema: JVA Tegel
set manager / 3rd AD Andreas Gräfenstein
set manager / 3rd AD Julia Terrey
set manager / 3rd AD David Kettner
set manager / 3rd AD Ricarda Oldenburg für 2 Motive und Sets
set manager / 3rd AD Biene Pilavci
set manager / 3rd AD Michael Kielmann
set manager / 3rd AD Kai Nicola Werner
set manager / 3rd AD Dirk Jesse
set manager / 3rd AD Sharon Ryba-Kahn
set manager / 3rd AD Romy Kaa
set manager / 3rd AD Corinna Volkmann
set manager / 3rd AD Ana Zirner
set manager / 3rd AD Christian Hempel
set manager / 3rd AD Jakob von Moers
set manager / 3rd AD Tobias Weishaupt
set manager / 3rd AD Kathleen Wächter
set manager / 3rd AD Sindy Hadorf
set manager / 3rd AD Ayla Gottschlich
set manager / 3rd AD Markus Engelhardt 24h Dokumentation
set manager / 3rd AD Felix Neugebauer
set manager / 3rd AD Sabine Eble
set manager / 3rd AD Alexander Nuck
set manager / 3rd AD Matthias Schwelm
set manager / 3rd AD Fausto Molina
set manager / 3rd AD Natascha Paulick
set manager / 3rd AD Eystathios Klotsikas
set manager / 3rd AD Torsten Petersen
set manager / 3rd AD Aron Lehmann
set manager / 3rd AD Dominik Kvesic
set manager / 3rd AD Nina Marlene Giese
set manager / 3rd AD Grete Liffers
set manager / 3rd AD Lissi Muschol
set manager / 3rd AD Frédérique Veith
set manager / 3rd AD Anja Dehghan
set manager / 3rd AD Kerstin Kaczmarek
set manager / 3rd AD David Svoboda
set manager / 3rd AD Silke Ewald
set manager / 3rd AD Marcel Neudeck
set manager / 3rd AD Janina Möbius
set manager / 3rd AD Philipp von Becker
set manager / 3rd AD Fritz Hartthaler
set manager / 3rd AD Petra M. Weber
set manager / 3rd AD Jakob Jensen
set manager / 3rd AD Benjamin Lucchesi
set manager / 3rd AD Jörg Streller
set manager / 3rd AD Martina Sakova
set manager / 3rd AD Christoph Freitag
set manager / 3rd AD Theresa Bergens
set manager / 3rd AD Andreas Westphal
set manager / 3rd AD Oliver Zahlbaum
set manager / 3rd AD Sophie Cocco
set manager / 3rd AD Anne Krüger
set manager / 3rd AD Torsten Grams
set manager / 3rd AD Valerie Bauer-Theobaldt
set manager / 3rd AD Sarah Sandring
set manager / 3rd AD Elisabetha Galla
set manager / 3rd AD Markus Tirok
set manager / 3rd AD Thomas Ladenburger
set manager / 3rd AD Johannes Kudernatsch
set manager / 3rd AD Claudia Gatzke
set manager / 3rd AD Alexander Fruck
set manager / 3rd AD Hannes Gronenberg
set manager / 3rd AD David Dörre [1] 
set manager / 3rd AD Florian Schossel
set manager / 3rd AD Stefan Rachow
set manager / 3rd AD Oliver Hensel
set manager / 3rd AD Christine Haupt
set manager / 3rd AD Kirill Krasovski
set manager / 3rd AD Christian Anslinger
set manager / 3rd AD Daniel Muff Bundeskanzleramt
Drivers captain David Flemming
production assistant Maria Gerono 19.07. - 27.07.08
assistant to 2nd AD Jennifer Hoffmann
production driver Marco Fischer + Car Captain in Vertr.
production driver Matthias Melster
production driver Dennis Heiden
production driver Daniel Nowak
production driver Beate Witting
production driver Miron Rasbach
production driver Richard Shakocius
production driver Yavuz Selim Bozatli
production driver Robert Hähnel
production driver Monika Kijas
production driver Wulf-Peter Fröhlich
production driver Rico Ehrlich
production driver Alain Groschke
production driver André Kummerow
production driver Zakir Cansever
production driver Sascha Krüger
production driver Talal Kahlifa
production driver René Dennerlein
production driver Christian Bernutz
production driver Christian Bernutz
production assistant Catherine Ackermann
Screenplay Idea Volker Heise
script translator Alex Ross Bröschure, Treatment, Synopsis DE -> EN
subtitle translation Alex Ross DE -> EN
researcher Conny Klauss
researcher Elke Thye
researcher Brigitte Maria Bertele
researcher Britta Dahlmann
researcher Britt Beyer
researcher Hakan Savas Mican
researcher Susanne Binninger
researcher Bettina Haasen
researcher Sarah Polligkeit
researcher Daniel Muff
Sound Department production sound mixer Karl Lohninger Sound Supervisor
production sound mixer Paul Oberle
production sound mixer Oliver Lumpe
production sound mixer Ulla Kösterke
production sound mixer Oliver Prasnikar
production sound mixer Johannes Schmelzer-Ziringer
production sound mixer Benedikt Gaussling
production sound mixer Uve Haußig
production sound mixer Oliver Grafe
production sound mixer Boris Joens
production sound mixer Jens Röhm
production sound mixer Patrick Protz
production sound mixer Andreas Prescher
production sound mixer Vivien Vogel Vordreh / Testdreh
production sound mixer Kai Lüde-Martens
production sound mixer Christoph-Lucas Hütter
production sound mixer Felix Andriessens
production sound mixer Marko Weichler Regie: Dirk Laabs
production sound mixer Marc Witte
production sound mixer Maarten van de Voort
production sound mixer Gregor Bonse
production sound mixer Ivonne Gärber
production sound mixer Max Preiss
production sound mixer Ulrike Vetter
production sound mixer Frank Hellwig
production sound mixer Peter Carstens
production sound mixer Oliver Stahn
production sound mixer Uwe Dresch
production sound mixer Robert Draber
production sound mixer Tobias Müller [3] 
production sound mixer Johannes Grehl
production sound mixer Andreas Wolf [2] 
production sound mixer Jürgen Kornatz
production sound mixer Stefan Gollhardt
production sound mixer Antje Volkmann
production sound mixer Nele Schinz
production sound mixer Florian Fricke
production sound mixer Raimund von Scheibner
production sound mixer Johannes Kripfgans
production sound mixer Helge Haack
production sound mixer Frank Bubenzer
production sound mixer Kristof Kannegießer
production sound mixer Andreas Samland
production sound mixer Peter Hix
production sound mixer Martin Kleinmichel
production sound mixer Daniel Griese
production sound mixer Susanne Heinz
production sound mixer Robert Nickolaus
production sound mixer Jürgen Schönhoff
production sound mixer Annegret Fricke
production sound mixer Jan Philip Saile
production sound mixer Jens Pfuhler
production sound mixer Andreas Mücke Niesytka
production sound mixer Daniel Erbe [1] 
production sound mixer Florian Hoffmann
production sound mixer Johannes Varga
production sound mixer Garip Özdem
production sound mixer Mark Wegner
production sound mixer Jeanine Strehle
production sound mixer Christoph Waury
production sound mixer Julian Dech
production sound mixer Babett Grossek
production sound mixer Heiko Schulze
production sound mixer Matthias Pfister
production sound mixer Afrim Parduzi
production sound mixer Juri von Krause
production sound mixer Niklas Kammertöns
production sound mixer Michaela Jordan
production sound mixer Lilly Grote
production sound mixer Marco Krüger regie romuald karmakar
production sound mixer Olaf Simon
production sound mixer Bettina Grauel
production sound mixer Rainer Schwarte
production sound mixer Katja Gierschner
production sound mixer Bernd-Dieter Hennig
production sound mixer Andy Fiebert
production sound mixer Immo Trümpelmann
production sound mixer Alexander Heinze
production sound mixer Timo Kahlenberg
production sound mixer Gerhard Ehemann
production sound mixer Kai Gusovius
boom operator Christian Bornkessel
boom operator Maxim Kuphal-Potapenko
Sound Post Production sound re-recording mixer Alexej Ashkenazy english version
sound re-recording mixer Florian Beck [1]  DIE BASIS Berlin
sound re-recording mixer Florian Schneeweiß english version
sound editor Clemens Nürnberger
sound editor Bernhard Köpke
supervising sound editor Arpad Bondy
dialogue editor Florian Schneeweiß
adr recordist Alexej Ashkenazy
adr recordist Bernhard Köpke
TV-/Web-Content editorial assistant Judith Lentze Redaktionsassistenz
editorial assistant Julian Steinemann
Further Crew art director (advertising agency) Lutz Engelke
art director (advertising agency) Robert Eysoldt
art director (advertising agency) Nora Penades
consultant Yan Schoenefeld
on air designer Rebecca Riedel
Public Relation marketing | public relation Sophie Diernberger
marketing | public relation Melanie Kutscherauer

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Arte [de/fr]
RBB - Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg [de]
Zero One Film GmbH

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Celluloid Dreams [fr]

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 department company
 Production Design Locations and Studios Location Networx
  Vehicles and aircrafts Aie Service Berlin CFH GmbH Helikopter
  Vehicles and aircrafts Sixt GmbH & Co. Autovermietung... Produktionsfahrzeuge
 Camera Cameras and Utilities BPM Broadcast & Professional M...
  Cameras and Utilities Sony
 Production Advertising/Presentations Superschool Martin Kegel On-Air Design
  Finance/Law/Insurance Marsh GmbH
  Production Services Film & Veranstaltungscatering ...
  Transportation, Travel and Accomodation CMS - Car Motion Service GmbH AP: Stephan Eppinger
 Research Research Services DeeBeePhunky Casting & Medien ...
 Sound Equipment Locationsound Berlin
 VFX / Post Production Image/Editing Concept AV
  Sound (Postproduction) BASIS Berlin Postproduktion Gm...

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Recipients Year Award Category  
Volker Heise 2010 Adolf Grimme Preis Serien & Mehrteiler nominated

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production info
first shooting day
last shooting day
  locations Berlin  
  film boards Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg: 500.000 €  
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  Colour/B&W colour  

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Teamfoto 24h Berlin

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