Finn Riemer


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Projects as editor
year title movie type director production comment
2017 Lockdown - Tödliches Erwachen TV-Movie (Serie..., ZDF Bogdana Vera Loren... FR Entertainment Fil... Final Cut
2015 Das letzte Abteil Indie Feature F... Andreas Schaap Little Bridge Pictur... AVID
2015 Trivago - Stockholm/ London/ B... Commercial various Who's Mcqueen Pictur... additional editorAVID
2015 Sony Mobile - Xperia Z3 (Berl... Commercial Wolf Gresenz Mutter & Vater Produ... AVID
2014 BMW Motorrad - Make Life A Rid... Commercial Anders Jedenfors Acne Productions Adobe Premiere / TVC CH
2013 Beats by Dr. Dre - Beats Pills Commercial Jak Frsh V8 Filmproduktion Adobe Premiere / UK
2012 Tirendo - Pit Stop Commercial Thorsten Herken Markenfilm Berlin Gm... AVID / Making Of
2011 - Life Is Too Short ... Commercial Nacho Gayan Agosto [es] additional editorAVID / Neuwagen 2014
2011 BBK - Helfende Hand Commercial Willy Dettmeyer Schokolade Filmprodu... Final Cut
2010 The Charcoal Sunset - Glenn Go... Music Video David Reisler David Reisler Produk... AVID
2010 Süper Tiger Show TV-Show, ZDFneo various Desire Media Filmpro... Final Cut (Ep.14)
2008 WWK Versicherungen - Perspekiv... Image Film Thomas Heinelt Fiction Films GmbH Final Cut

Film projects in other activities | 20 of 29 |
year title movie type director production comment
2016 You Are Wanted TV Series, Amazon Vide... various Pantaleon Films GmbH assistant editorAdditional Editor ...
2014 Toyota - Parkhaus Commercial Hans-Jürgen Lewi Lewan... Lovestone Film GmbH assistant editorAVID
2012 Knoppers - Mutter & Tochter Commercial Britta Krause Filmbar Filmprodukti... assistant editorAVID
2011 Deutschland rundet auf Partner... Commercial Stephan Hadjam Slaughterhouse GmbH assistant editorAVID
2011 Saturn - Let's get ready to Pa... Commercial Norman Hafezi mypony GmbH assistant editorAVID
2011 Media Markt - Kaufhaus des Irr... Commercial Nico Beyer Partizan GmbH assistant editorAVID
2011 Max Raabe - Mit dir möcht ich ... Music Video Daniel Lwowski Katapult Filmprodukt... assistant editor
2011 BMAS - Bildungspaket (Social S... Commercial Christian Riebe Ambulance Film GmbH ... assistant editorFinal Cut
2010 Coca Cola Zero - Verwandtschaf... Commercial Lennart Brede Markenfilm Berlin Gm... assistant editorAVID
2010 Christina Stürmer - Wir leben ... Music Video Hinrich Pflug Katapult Filmprodukt... motion graphics design...
2010 Aktion Mensch - Afrika Commercial Wiebke Berndt Tony Petersen Film assistant editorAVID
2010 ZDF Mediathek - Sendung verpas... Commercial Christian 'Milo' Mielm... Film Deluxe GmbH assistant editorAVID
2010 Bloodhound Gang - Altogether O... Music Video Joern Heitmann Katapult Filmprodukt... assistant editorAVID
2009 Emporia - Erfahrungen Commercial Torben Liebrecht Nerdfilms ... a divi... DIT digital imaging te...
2009 Ver.di - Wahlmob Commercial Christian Schwochow Mutter & Vater Produ... assistant editorFinal Cut
2009 Fonic - Engel, Wind, Lama Commercial Frieder Wittich Bigfish Filmprodukti... assistant editorAVID
2008 Annett Louisan - Drück die 1 Music Video Pet&Flo filmlounge GmbH DIT digital imaging te...- Red One
2008 Sixt - Johannes Heesters und G... Commercial Micky Warwick Bigfish Filmprodukti... assistant editorAVID
2008 McDonald's - Einzelmann Commercial Tibor Glage Erste Liebe Filmprod... production driver
2008 Ninja Assassin Feature Film James McTeigue Fünfte Babelsberg Fi... set runneradd. Craft PA - El...

Basic details
nationality German
languages German (mother tongue), English (fluently), French (basic)
experience shooting in foreign countries Western Europe: Switzerland
immediate working area Berlin
1st residence Berlin
other possibilities of accommodation Munich, Hamburg, London