Axel Siefer  BFFS

Axel Siefer, actor, Köln
Axel Siefer, actor, Köln
Axel Siefer, actor, Köln
Axel Siefer, actor, Köln
Axel Siefer, actor, Köln
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Year of birth: 1951

Contact    Gerda Maria Hein
Phone      +49 221 9378970
Mobile     +49 177 2692845

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Projects as actor | 20 of 45 | SHOW ALL
year title movie type director part
2017 Bettys Diagnose TV Series, ZDF Oliver Muth Heiner Rosenbauer [LE]
2016 Wendy - Der Film Feature Film Dagmar Seume Bauer Geseke [SR]
2015 Sibel & Max TV Series, ZDF Ulrike Hamacher Roland Matzek [SRE]
2015   Besser als Du TV Movie, Degeto Isabel Kleefeld Theaterregisseur [BP]
2015   Anrath Short Feature Fil... Gregor Höppner Gemeindepolizist Schmidt [L]
2014   Danni Lowinski TV Series, SAT.1 Uwe Janson Kurt Lowinski [SS]
2014   Heiter bis Tödlich - Koslowski & Haferkamp TV Series, WDR Peter Gersina Hausmeister [BP]
2014   Rebecca Short Feature Fil... Anna F. Kohlschütter Vater [SR]
2013 SOKO Köln TV Series, ZDF Michael Schneider Dirk Lehnhardt [SRE]
2013 Danni Lowinski TV Series, SAT.1 Richard Huber Kurt Lowinski [SS]
2012   Ungeschminkt Short Feature Fil... Anna F. Kohlschütter Gustav [L]
2012 Danni Lowinski TV Series, SAT.1 Peter Gersina Kurt Lowinski [SS]
2012   Trimbelten Short Feature Fil... Sebastian Kühn Trimbelten [L]
2011   Sechs auf einen Streich - Aschenputtel TV-Movie (Series), ARD Uwe Janson Knecht Benno [SR]
2011   Danni Lowinski TV Series, SAT.1 Uwe Janson Kurt Lowinski [SS]
2010   Liebe am Fjord - Das Ende der Eiszeit TV-Movie (Series), ARD Jörg Grünler Simon Österbro [SR]
2010 Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei TV Series, RTL various Prof. Brandt [SRE]
2010   Danni Lowinski TV Series, SAT.1 Zoltan Spirandelli Kurt Lowinski [SS]
2009 Der verlorene Vater TV Movie Hermine Huntgeburth Mondau [BP]
2009 Lindenstraße TV Series, ARD Dominikus Probst Rechtsanwalt Ries [SR]

Basic details
self portrayal englishAxel Siefer plays Kurt Lowinski, the father of “Danni Lowinski” in a SAT1 TV-series that won the German Television Prize in 2014 and 2010. He is frequently seen on television and in films, but his love is the stage of the independent theatres, where he also works as a director. His claim to fame is performing Patrick Süßkind´s (author of ´The Parfume´) solo play “The Kontra – Bass”, more than a 1000 times in 25 years. He toured all over Europe and wrote a book about the unique experience of being married with the play for a quarter of a century and the occuring changes in his performance over the years. 
height187 cm - 6' 2'' ft/in 
weight95 kg - 209 lb. 
body typeslim 
skin type White Central European
hair coloursalt and pepper 
hair lengthmedium 
eye colourblue 
nationality German
languages English (basic)
voiceBass Voice 
instruments piano (basic knowledge)
immediate working area Cologne, Überlingen See
1st residence North Rhine-Westphalia
associations Association of German Film & TV Actors [de]