Megan Gay  BFFS, GVL

Megan Gay, actor, Berlin
Megan Gay, actor, Berlin
Megan Gay, actor, Berlin
Megan Gay, actor, Berlin
Megan Gay, actor, Berlin
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1990 to 1993 City Literary Institute London
1988 to 1990 University of Auckland/Bachelor of Arts (abgeschlossen)

Projects as actress | 20 of 47 | SHOW ALL
year title movie type director part
2018 Ein Sommer in Vietnam TV Movie (multi-p..., ZDF Sophie Allet-Coche Jessica Stone [L]
2018 You Are Wanted TV Series, Amazon Vid... various Melissa Whitfield [SR]
2017 Jessica Short Feature Fil... Alexandra Holley Mutter [L]
2017 Autumn on the Moon Short Feature Fil... Albi Fouche Lia [L]
2017   Forget about Nick Feature Film Margarethe von Trott... Principal [SR]
2016 Bad Banks TV Series Christian Schwochow Teresa Sydow [SR]
2014 Neue Natur - Art Girls intern TV Movie Robert Bramkamp Una Queens [L]
2014   Lerchenberg TV Series, ZDF Felix Binder Film-Agentin [SRE]
2014   Gut zu Vögeln Feature Film Mira Thiel Jil [SR]
2013   14 - Tagebücher des Ersten Weltkriegs TV Series, arte, NDR,... Jan Peter Ethel Cooper [SS]
2013 Sanctuary Feature Film Marc Brummund Frau vom Jugendamt [SR]
2013   Tatort - Großer Schwarzer Vogel TV-Movie (Series), RBB Alexander Dierbach Nina [SR]
2013 The Missionary TV Series, HBO [us] Baltasar Kormákur Switchboard Operator [SR]
2013 Phoenix Feature Film Christian Petzold Mitarbeiterin Zentralstelle [BP]
2012   Zu schön um wahr zu sein TV Movie, ZDF Matthias Steurer Diana Hardenberg [SR]
2012   Vijay and I Feature Film Sam Garbarski Woman in therapy [SR]
2012 Echo Short Feature Fil... Robin von Hardenberg wife [SR]
2011   Art Girls Indie Feature Fil... Robert Bramkamp Una Queens [L]
2011   Hannah Arendt Feature Film Margarethe von Trott... Frances Wells [SR]
2011   Weak Heart Drop Indie Feature Fil... Alex Ross Jane [L]

Projects as dubber / speaker
year title movie type dubbed actor part
2010 If Buildings Could Talk (3D) Video Installat... Voice

Basic details
height180 cm - 5' 11'' ft/in 
weight58 kg - 127 lb. 
body typeslim 
skin type White Central European
hair colourdark blond 
hair lengthmedium 
eye colourgreen 
nationality New Zealand
languages German (fluently), English (mother tongue), French (basic), Dutch (basic)
American (Standard), Australian-English, British (Standard), Cockney, New Zealand-English
instruments piano (basic knowledge)
skills (sports) karate, shooting (archery), yoga
experience shooting in foreign countries Australia and Oceania: Australia

North America: USA

Northern Europe: Denmark

Eastern Europe: Russia, Hungary

Southern Europe: Canary Islands

Southeast Asia: Vietnam

Western Europe: England, France, Luxembourg
immediate working area Berlin
1st residence Berlin
other possibilities of accommodation Munich, Amsterdam, Auckland, Christchurch [nz], London, Los Angeles, Paris
associations Association of German Film & TV Actors [de], Ges. zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten nbH [de]