Lance Henriksen

At Crew United registered projects
year title movie type part
2013 Stung Feature Film Caruthers [HR]
2012 Gemini Rising Indie Feature Film Colonel Stephen Cencula [HR]
2011 FedCon 20 - Die Jubiläums-Convention Documentary Bishop (Aliens, Alien 3, Alien vs. Predator) [HR]
2010 Sin Reaper Indie Feature Film Dr. Hoffmann [NR]
2009 The Penitent Man Indie Feature Film Mr. Darnell [HR]
2009 The Genesis Code Feature Film Dr. Hoffer [HR]
2006 Pirates of Treasure Island Feature Film Long John Silver [HR]
2005 Abominable Feature Film Ziegler Dane ; dt. Synchro 2007 [HR] dubbed by Ron Matz
2002 The Last Cowboy TV Movie John William Cooper [HR]
1995 Aurora - Operation Intercept Feature Film William Stenghel [HR]
1994 Dead Man Feature Film Cole Wilson [NR] dubbed by Michael Telloke