Eddie Marsan

At Crew United registered projects
year title movie type part
2017 7 Days in Entebbe Feature Film Shimon Peres [HR]
2015 The Exception Feature Film Heinrich Himmler [HR]
2015 Atomic Blonde Feature Film Spyglass [NR]
2013 Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell TV Series, BBC [uk] Mr. Norell [HR]
2014 Ray Donovan TV Series, Showtime [u... Terry Donovan [DHR]
2012 Filth Feature Film Bladesey [NR]
2012 The Best of Men TV Movie, BBC [uk] Dr. Ludwig Guttmann [HR]
2012 Ray Donovan TV Series, Showtime [u... Terry Donovan [DHR]
2011 I, Anna Feature Film D.I. Kevin Franks [NR]
2008 Me & Orson Welles Feature Film John Houseman [NR]
2008 God on Trial TV Movie, BBC [uk] Lieble [NR]
2006 Sixty-Six Feature Film Manny Rubens [HR]
2006 I Want Candy Feature Film Doug Perry [NR]
2005 Mission: Impossible III Feature Film Brownway [NR]
2005 The Illusionist Feature Film Josef Fischer [NR] dubbed by Hans Bayer