Tobias Steinhauser


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Projects as producer
year title movie type director production comment
2013 Hornbach - Und jetzt Du! Commercial Gary Freedman RadicalMedia LLC

Film projects in other activities
year title movie type director production comment
2018 DB - #Lalaläuft Commercial Hanna Maria Heidrich Anorak Film GmbH [de... executive producer
2006 Der Pfad des Kriegers Documentary Andreas Pichler Filmtank GmbH unit manager

Basic details
nationality German
languages English (fluently)
experience shooting in foreign countries Australia and Oceania: Australia, New Zealand

Central America: Bahamas

North America: Canada, USA

Northern Europe: Denmark, Norway

East Africa: Ethiopia

East Asia: China, Japan

Eastern Europe: Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary

South Africa: South Africa

South America: Brazil

Southern Europe: Italy, Croatia, Spain

Southeast Asia: Hongkong, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand

West Africa: Nigeria

Western Europe: France, Great Britain, Switzerland
immediate working area Berlin
1st residence Berlin
other possibilities of accommodation Lagos