Tom Mauss  SSFV, CAEA

key/dolly grip

Tom Mauss, key/dolly grip, Zürich

Mobile   +41 79 2538310
Phone   +41 43 3052343

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Projects as key/dolly grip | 20 of 87 | SHOW ALL
year title movie type director production comment
2017 Jaguar - Roar Commercial Sandra R. Babel Chocolate Films AG F...
2017 US Milk - Milk It Commercial Michael Kuhn Vagabond Production ...
2017 Cronofobia Feature Film Francesco Rizzi Imago Film SA [ch] Ersatz
2017 Migros - Dachkampagne Commercial Simon Verhoeven Czar
2017 Collette Travel. Wheel of Fort... Commercial Randy Berke Feit Film GmbH [ch]
2017 Dow Chemicals - Active Comfort Image Film Simon Renfer Elefant Studios [ch]
2017 UBS Bank - Sparen. Opa Commercial Viviane Andereggen Pumpkin Film AG [ch]
2016 Pro Senectute - Singing Togeth... Image Film Ari Zehnder Shining Pictures Gmb...
2016 Elle - Inspiring Storis. Linds... Image Film Alexandria Staplet... Because Production S...
2016 Isola - Stéphane Commercial Adrian Wisard WirzFraefelPaal Prod...
2016 Nolax AG - Spirit (Webfilm) Image Film Ben Strebel Chocolate Films AG F...
2016 Sunrise - Island Commercial Jonathan Barber Stories AG [ch] Kamera Kran
2016 Swisscom - Endlich Fernsehwett... Commercial Marcelo Burgos Pumpkin Film AG [ch]
2016 Flitzer Feature Film Peter Luisi Spotlight Media Prod... 2nd Unit
2016 Blick - Marsch ins Glück Commercial Kai Sehr Pumpkin Film AG [ch] Camera Car Driver
2016 SportXX - Wir nehmen den Spass... Commercial Alex Feil Pumpkin Film AG [ch]
2016 Migros Bank - Irgendwann ist j... Commercial Nico Beyer Rocket Film GmbH [ch...
2016 Cercando Camille Indie Feature F... Bindu de Stoppani Hugofilm Productions... Auto Rigging, Camera Car
2016 Coop - Rückkehr Commercial JJ Keith Stories AG [ch] Car Rig
2016 Credit Suisse - Euro 2016. Of... Commercial Andrew Becker Pumpkin Film AG [ch]

Film projects in other activities | 20 of 65 | SHOW ALL
year title movie type director production comment
2017 Tatort - Notstandsrecht TV-Movie (Serie..., SRF (vormal... Andreas Senn Turnus Film AG crane operator
2017 Orphelin Feature Film Ursula Meier Bande à Part Films [... camera car driver
2017 UBS Switzerland - Digital Bank... POS Video Markus Huersch Markenfilm Schweiz A... gaffer
2017 Der Bestatter TV Series, SRF (vormal... various Snakefilm GmbH [ch] best boyKamera Bühne, Auto...
2017 Seitentriebe TV Series various Langfilm. Bernard La... camera car driver
2017 Focal - Ton läuft! Workshop-Produc... Dieter Meyer Focal, Stiftung Weit... gaffer
2017 M Electronics - Die kosmischen... Commercial Björn Ruehmann Feit Film GmbH [ch] gaffer
2017 Takeda Pharmaceuticals Interna... Image Film Jamie Delany Havas Lynx [us] [uk] camera car driver
2016 Swiss International Air Lines ... Commercial Georgie Banks-Davies Markenfilm Schweiz A... best boy
2016 Wilder TV Series, SRF 1 [ch] Pierre Monnard C-Films AG [ch] camera car driverTieflader fahren
2016 Die letzte Pointe Feature Film Rolf Lyssy Langfilm. Bernard La... camera car driver
2016 Dow Chemicals - Colloboration Image Film Stefan Jung Elefant Studios [ch] gaffer
2016 Nowhere TV Movie, SRF (vormal... Katalin Gödrös Turnus Film AG camera car driverTieflader
2015 Skoda - Made for Switzerland Commercial Marco Lutz Shining Pictures Gmb... camera car driver
2015 Migros - Weihnachten 2015 Commercial Tobias Fueter Stories AG [ch] grip assistant
2014 The Last Face Feature Film Sean Penn Moonlighting Product... gafferSchweiz
2014 Aldi Suisse Tours - Schweizeri... Commercial Dani Levy Rocket Film GmbH [ch... best boy
2014 IWC - A Night in Schaffhausen Commercial Xavier Chassaing Pumpkin Film AG [ch] best boy
2014 Migros - Aus der Region 2014 Commercial Kim Jacobsen Markenfilm Schweiz A... crane operator
2014 Rider Jack Feature Film This Lüscher Langfilm. Bernard La... gafferKey Grip

Further Projects
year project-type title occupation company external link
1990 - 2000 employment Licht und Grip Vermietu... Megarent AG  

Basic details
languages English (fluently), French (basic)
experience shooting in foreign countries Southern Europe: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy

Western Europe: Germany
licences A (motorcycle) [DE], B (car), BE (car with trailer), C (truck > 3,5 t), C1E (truck (C1) + trailer <= 12t), CE (Truck trailer), D (Bus), DE (Bus with trailer), Cab Licence, IPAF Licence Mobile Vertical (3a): Scissor lifts, vertical personnel platforms, IPAF Licence Static Boom (1b)
immediate working area Zurich
1st residence Zurich
associations Swiss Syndicate Film and Video [ch], Canadian Actors' Equity Association [ca]