Eszter Tompa

Eszter Tompa, actor, München
Eszter Tompa, actor, München
Eszter Tompa, actor, München
Eszter Tompa, actor, München
Eszter Tompa, actor, München
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2017 to 2017 Biennale di Teatro Venezia (mit Anna Sophie Mahler)
2016 to 2016 Biennale di Teatro Venezia (Hamlet mit Oskaras Korsunovas)
2010 to 2010 Hungarian State Theatre of Cluj, Romania (Gombrowicz with Tadeusz Bradecki)
2010 to 2010 (Sarajevo Talent Campus)
2010 to 2011 (Film Acting with Leon Lucev)
2008/8 to 2008/8 VUK Belgrad (Meyerhold's Biomechanics with A. Levinsky)
2006/6 to 2006/6 Mostar, BiH (Meyerhold's Biomechanics with A. Levinsky)
2006/6 to 2006/6 Mostar, BiH (Grotowski's Body Alphabet with Zygmunt Molik)
2004 to 2008 Athanor Akademie für Darstellende Kunst (Diplom)

Projects as actress | 20 of 24 | SHOW ALL
year title movie type director part
2017 Into the Night medium length Fil... Sergiu Zorger N.N. [SR]
2017 Fully Furnished Workshop-Producti... Anne Heinze Jasmin Kleinert [L]
2017 Closed Short Feature Fil... Anna Avramenko Laura [L]
2017 Parallels in the infinity / Párhuzamosok a... Short Feature Fil... Borbála Nagy Éva Abonyi
2016 Landgericht - Geschichte einer Familie TV Movie (multi-p..., ZDF [de] Matthias Glasner Hermine [BP]
2016 Adam Indie Feature Fil... Maria Solrun Sigurda... Vanessa [L]
2015 2084 - The Randomness Constant Short Documentary Ion Tănase Selbst
2015 El club de los buenos infieles Feature Film Lluis Segura Agatha [SR]
2014 Las aventuras del capitán Alatriste TV Series, Telecino [... various Luisa
2013 The Duke Of Burgundy Feature Film Peter Strickland Dr. Viridana
2013 Gente Cerca Short Feature Fil... Sergio Colmenar Chica cam [SR]
2012 La Banda Picasso Feature Film Fernando Colomo Aice Toklas [SR]
2012 A Month In Thailand / O luna in Thailanda Feature Film Paul Negoescu Ildikó [SR]
2011 The Red-Haired Woman Short Feature Fil... Eszter Tompa Schaf
2011 Edina Short Feature Fil... Nora Lakos Edina [L]
2009 Home Sweet Home Short Feature Fil... Karo Schnelle Lene [L]
2009 Kreuzungen Short Feature Fil... Adam Neumann K [L]
2009 Bibliotheque Pascal Feature Film Szabolcs Hajdu Lolita [BP]
2008 Lassen Short Feature Fil... Adam Neumann Gina
2008 Im Off Short Feature Fil... Polina Gumiela Kaya

Theater Engagements
year play part director theater
2012 Niederungen Herta/ Erzählerin(Hauptrol... Niky Wolcz Deutsches Staatstheater Temeswar
2011 Richard der III ist verboten Schauspielerin Eva Patkó Hungarian Theatre of Cluj
2011 #Anderthalb Mitzi Florian von Hörmann Institut für Glücksfindung
2010 #Eins Glücksforscher Florian von Hörmann Institut für Glücksfindung
2010 Lysistrate Lampito Dominique Serrand Hungarian Thetatre of Cluj Napoca
2010 Shoah Gefangene Andreea Iacob Cluj
2009 Die gekaufte Braut Renée Ingo Pfeiffer Fränkisches Theater Schloß Maßbach

Further Projects
year project-type title occupation company external link
2015 Original Song Blue Spring Komponist, Sängerin Elefant Film 

Basic details
self portrayal englishBorn in a family of actors and directors,my contact with theatre begun early. For my family it was tabu that I would become an actress. After having wasted a half of year at a philology university, director Szabolcs Hajdu called me to rehearse with him in Debrecen, Hungary, when I was 18.
I got my first role in the movie of Gyula Nemes, called My One And Onlies.
At the advice of a german stage designer, I went to Burghausen, Germany to attend the admission exams for the school of the famous Romanian director expelled by Ceausescu, David Esrig.
Since, I have worked and lived different countries, in 7 languages.
I have co-founded a theatre group in Munich in 2010, Institut für Glücksfindung.
height159 cm - 5' 3'' ft/in 
weight48 kg - 105 lb. 
body typedelicate 
skin type East European
hair colourash blond 
hair lengthmedium 
eye colourdark brown 
nationality German, Rumanian
languages German (mother tongue), English (fluently), Spanish (fluently), Italian (basic), French (fluently), Bosnian (basic), Catalans (fluently), Romanian (fluently), Hungarian (mother tongue)
singing Chanson (good), Jazz (good)
experience shooting in foreign countries Eastern Europe: Rumania, Hungary

Southern Europe: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Portugal, Spain

Western Europe: France, Great Britain, Austria
immediate working area Munich, Barcelona
1st residence Bavaria
other possibilities of accommodation Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Vienna, Barcelona, Brussels, Budapest, Bucharest, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Rome, Zurich