J.K. Simmons

At Crew United registered projects
year title movie type part
2017 Counterpart TV Series, Starz [us] Howard Silk [DHR]
2016 Patriots Day Feature Film Sergeant Jeffrey Pugliese [HR]
2016 Justice League Feature Film Commissioner Gordon [HR]
2015 Renegades Feature Film Levin [HR]
2015 La La Land Feature Film Bill [NR] dubbed by Oliver Stritzel
2014 The Rewrite Feature Film Dr. Lerner [HR]
2014 Terminator Genisys Feature Film Detective O'Brien [HR]
2008 The Closer TV Series, TNT Film Assistant Chief Will Pope [DHR]
2005 Thank you for Smoking Feature Film BR [NR]
2003 Oz TV Series, HBO [us] Vern Schillinger [DHR]
1997 Above Freezing Feature Film Bruce [HR]
1997 Oz TV Series, HBO [us] Vern Schillinger [DHR]