Stephen Rea

At Crew United registered projects
year title movie type part
2017 Thanksgiving Miniseries, arte n.n. [NR]
2016 Black 47 Feature Film Conneely [HR]
2015 War and Peace / War & Peace TV Series, BBC Prince Vassily Kuragin [DNR]
2015 Dickensian Series, BBC Inspector Bucket [HR]
2010 Roadkill TV Movie Seamus [HR]
2009 Ondine Feature Film Priest [NR]
2006 Until Death Feature Film Gabriel Callaghan [NR]
2005 V for Vendetta Feature Film Inspector Finch [HR]
2004 Tara Road Feature Film Colm Maguire [HR]
2004 Breakfast on Pluto Feature Film Bertie [HR]
2003 Control Feature Film Dr. Arlo Penner [NR]
2001 FeardotCom Feature Film Alistair Pratt [HR]
1997 A Further Gesture Feature Film Sean Dowd [HR]
1995 Crime of the Century TV Movie Bruno Richard Hauptmann [HR]
1992 The Crying Game Feature Film Fergus [HR] dubbed by Martin Umbach