Twilight Creations

(Stunt-)Dummies, Makeup FX, Mask Manufacturing, Puppets and Creatures, Props Construction, Prop Building (Screen)

Twilight Creations: (Stunt-)Dummies, Makeup FX, Mask Manufacturing, Puppets and Creatures, Props Construction, Prop Building (Screen)

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Contact Jörn / Tamar Seifert / Aviv
Phone +49 30 41403007
Fax+49 30 41403007
Mobile +49 151 29162829
Address   Kopenhagenerstraße 35-57
13407 Berlin

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year title movie type director production comment
2015 Timm Thaler oder das verkaufte... Feature Film Andreas Dresen Constantin Film
2014 I'm off then Feature Film Julia von Heinz UFA Cinema GmbH [d...
2013 The Voices Feature Film Marjane Satrapi Vertigo Entertainm... SFX Make up, Dummies & Prosthetics
2012 The Physician Feature Film Philipp Stölzl UFA Cinema GmbH [d... SFX Make up, Dummies & Prosthetics Suppl
2012 Beauty and the Beast / La bell... Feature Film Christophe Gans Eskwad [fr] Set Maintenance Beast Suit and Masks
2012 Es kommt noch dicker TV Series, ORF, SAT.1 various Producers at Work ... SFX M/up, Prosthetics
2012 Passion Feature Film Brian De Palma SBS Films [fr] Sp. Prop, Mask Christine
2011 Hansel & Gretel - Witch Hunter... Feature Film Tommy Wirkola Siebzehnte Babelsb... SFX Make up, Creatures & Prosthetics
2011 Plötzlich 70! TV Movie, SAT.1 Matthias Steurer Wiedemann & Berg T... SFX Make up, Prosthetics
2010 Es ist nicht vorbei TV Movie, RBB, SWR Franziska Meletzky Studio Hamburg Fil... SFX M/up, Prosthetic
2010 Zimmer 205 - Traust du dich re... Feature Film Rainer Matsutani Neue Schönhauser F... SFX Make up, Dummies, Prosthetics
2010 Otto´s Eleven Feature Film Sven Unterwaldt TransWaalFilm GmbH... Prosthetics
2010 The Impossible Feature Film Juan Antonio Bayon... Apaches Entertainm... f. DDT Effectos Especiales Art Finishing
2010 The Apparition Feature Film Todd Lincoln Fünfzehnte Babelsb... Set Maintenance for Spectral Motion
2010 Hanna Feature Film Joe Wright Sechzehnte Babelsb... Special Prop, Lifecasting
2009 Drei Feature Film Tom Tykwer X Filme Creative P... SFX M/up, Prosthetics
2009 Rabbit Without Ears 2 Feature Film various Barefoot Films Gmb... SFX M/up, Prosthetics, mit R. Samuels
2009 Harry Potter and the Deathly H... Feature Film David Yates Heyday Films [uk] f. Nick Dudman, SFX M/up, Prosthetics
2008 Albert Schweitzer Feature Film Gavin Millar NFP
2008 12 Meter ohne Kopf Feature Film Sven Taddicken Wüste Film GmbH


Jörn Seifert
phone: +49 30 41403007
mobile: +49 151 29162829

Tamar Aviv
phone: +49 30 41403007
mobile: +49 170 8005673

 type description

company profileTC is a special FX studio situated in Berlin, under the direction of Tamar Aviv and Jörn Seifert.

Both artists have collected their experience in the field through contributing their work to a wide range of projects and productions for tv, film, theatre and musical theatre…

The partenership has developed over the past years from a close and very creative working relationship, whose aim has always been to produce quality work to a particularly high standard.
Especially when working to national broadcasting standards, we highly appreciate how valuable a professionally created effect can be to the individual project.
year of foundation 2005
number of employees 2
immediate working area HQ: Berlin