Sascha Rotermund

Sascha Rotermund, actor, Hamburg
Sascha Rotermund, actor, Hamburg
Sascha Rotermund, actor, Hamburg
Sascha Rotermund, actor, Hamburg
Sascha Rotermund, actor, Hamburg
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Phone      +49 40 38614632
Mobile     +49 171 6551441

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1997 to 2001 Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover

Projects as actor
year title movie type director part
2018 Morden im Norden TV Series, ARD, MDR, ... Michael Riebl Markus Henn [SR]
2009 Alte Liebe / Überwunden Short Feature Fil... Shahin Shokoui Frank [L]
2006 E.ON - Sales & Trading - Values. Image Film Guido Weihermüller Salesman [L]
2004 Carl's Sister Short Feature Fil... Franz Indra Carl Schneider [L]

Projects as dubber / speaker | 20 of 24 | SHOW ALL
year title movie type dubbed actor part
2017 Ghost in the Shell Feature Film Pilou Asbæk Batou [L]
2017 Beauty and the Beast Feature Film Dan Stevens Beast [L]
2016 Inferno Feature Film Omar Sy Christoph Bruder [SR]
2016 Doctor Extraño Feature Film Benedict Cumberbat... Dr. Stephen Strange [L]
2016 Demain Tout Commence Feature Film Omar Sy Samuel [L]
2016 The Magnificent Seven Feature Film Matt Bomer Matthew Cullen [SR]
2016 The Birth of a Nation Feature Film Armie Hammer Samuel Turner [SR]
2016 The Nice Guys Feature Film Matt Bomer John Boy [L]
2016 Nurse Jackie TV Series, Showtime [u... Dominic Fumusa Kevin Peyton [SSR]
2015 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Feature Film Armie Hammer Illya Kuryakin [L]
2015 Chocolat Feature Film Omar Sy Chocolat [L]
2014 The Theory of Everything Feature Film Charlie Cox Jonathan Hellyer Jones [L]
2014 Samba Feature Film Omar Sy Samba Cissé [L]
2014 How to Get Away with Murder TV Series, ABC [us] Billy Brown Nate Lahey [SS]
2014 Schönes Landleben XXL Documentary Ser..., NDR Sprecher/Erzähler
2013 Star Trek Into Darkness Feature Film Benedict Cumberbat... Khan [SR]
2013 The Fifth Estate Feature Film Benedict Cumberbat... Julian [L]
2012 De l'autre côté du périph Feature Film Omar Sy Ousmane Diakhité [L]
2012 Harodim Feature Film Travis Fimmel Lazarus [L]
2012 L'écume des jours Feature Film Omar Sy Nicolas [L]

Basic details
height182 cm - 6' 0'' ft/in 
body typeslim 
skin type White Central European
hair colourdark blond 
hair lengthshort 
eye colourblue-grey 
nationality German
languages German (mother tongue), English (fluently), Spanish (basic), French (basic)
Berliners, Northern German, Westphalian (native)
immediate working area Hamburg
1st residence Hamburg