Opus Film [pl]

At Crew United registered projects
year title movie type comment
2018 Cold War Feature Film
2018 Trivago - Free Search, Hammer, Hamster, Ho... Commercial
2018 Trivago - The View, Projector, Maids, One ... Commercial
2017 The Captain Feature Film
2017 Trivago - Been a While, Build Your Own Roo... Commercial
2016 Beyond Words Feature Film
2016 Animals - Stadt Land Tier Feature Film
2013 Obywatel Feature Film
2014 Zbrodnia / The Crime TV Series, AXN [de]
2013 Ewa Feature Film
2012 Ida Feature Film
2009 Czlowiek B Documentary
2007 Aleja Gówniarzy Feature Film
2006 Herrn Kukas Empfehlungen Feature Film
2005 ERA Mozesz Wiecej - Bring your bill / Perf... Commercial
2004 Masz na imie Justine / Your Name Is Justin... Feature Film
1997 Paula und das Glück Feature Film