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Projects as distribution company | 20 of 32 |
year title movie type director comment
2018 Exil Feature Film Visar Morina
2017 Teströl és lélekröl / On Body and Soul Feature Film Ildyko Enyedi Verleih Deutschland
2017 Wackersdorf - be alert, courageous and sol... Feature Film Oliver Haffner
2016 Cloud Whispers Feature Film Kerstin Polte
2016 What doesn't Kill Us Feature Film Sandra Nettelbeck
2016 Eidurinn / The Oath Feature Film Baltasar Kormákur
2016 The Square Feature Film Ruben Östlund Deutschland
2016 Mektoub, My Love : Canto Uno Feature Film Abdellatif Kechiche Verleih Deutschland
2015 303 Feature Film Hans Weingartner Deutschland
2015 La vache Feature Film Mohamed Hamidi
2015 Egon Schiele - Tod und Mädchen Feature Film Dieter Berner Deutschland
2015 Médecin de campagne Feature Film Thomas Lilti
2015 A United Kingdom Feature Film Amma Asante
2015 Sky Feature Film Fabienne Berthaud
2015 Victoria Feature Film Justine Triet Deutschland
2015 Bed Bugs Feature Film Jan Henrik Stahlberg
2014 A Walk in the Woods Feature Film Ken Kwapis Deutschland Kino
2014 Der Staat gegen Fritz Bauer Feature Film Lars Kraume
2014 Die dunkle Seite des Mondes Feature Film Stephan Rick
2013 Eden Feature Film Mia Hansen-Løve

year of foundation 2001
number of employees 10
immediate working area HQ: Munich