Wolfgang Stegemann

At Crew United registered projects | 20 of 31 |
year title movie type part
2010 Don - The King is Back Feature Film Karl [NR]
2010 Unknown Identity Feature Film Security Guard [NR]
2010 Detection Short Feature Film Fighter 1 [HR]
2010 Hypertension Short Feature Film Fighter 1 [HR]
2010 Gentleman - It No Pretty Music Video Kämpfer [NR]
2009 In aller Freundschaft TV Series, ARD [de], D... Sparringspartner Stenzel [NR]
2009 Beloved Berlin Wall Feature Film CIA Beamter [NR]
2009 Smash Point Short Feature Film Fighter 1 [HR]
2009 Siege of the Dead Feature Film Zombie Polizist [NR]
2008 Full Employment Short Feature Film Schultze [HR]
2008 Ninja Assassin Feature Film Europol Swat, Ninja, Japanese Commando [NR]
2008 Lasko - Die Faust Gottes TV Series, RTL Bruder Lupus [NR]
2008 Bundesministerium für Inneres - 115 (Viral... Commercial Fragezeichen [HR]
2007 Operation Walküre - Das Stauffenberg Atten... Feature Film SS-Guard [NR]
2007 RTL - Das Supertalent (Promo) Commercial Kämpfer [NR]
2007 Speed Racer Feature Film Cruncher Thug 5 [NR]
2006 Breitling SA - ID-Club 2006 Image Film Ice Junky [NR]
2006 Virus Undead Indie Feature Film Zombie [NR]
2005 Captivated! (Trailer) Short Feature Film Entführer 1 [NR]
2005 V for Vendetta Feature Film Fingerman & Norsefire Soldier [NR]