Laura Einmahl

unit manager

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Projects as unit manager | 20 of 40 |
year title movie type director production comment
2018 Harter Brocken - Die dunkle Se... TV-Movie (Serie... Markus Sehr H & V Entertainment ...
2018 Gut gegen Nordwind Feature Film Vanessa Jopp Komplizen Film GmbH ...
2018 Chaosschwestern - Mission Ping... Feature Film Franziska Buch Karibufilm GmbH
2017 Roads (aka Caravan) Feature Film Sebastian Schipper Missing Link Films G... Frankreich / ab DT 23
2017 Our Child TV Movie, WDR [de] Nana Neul Heimatfilm GmbH + CO...
2017 Spielmacher Feature Film Timon Modersohn Frisbeefilms GmbH & ...
2017 Tatort - Der rote Schatten TV-Movie (Serie..., SWR [de] Dominik Graf Sommerhaus Filmprodu...
2016 Looking for Oum Kulthum Feature Film Shirin Neshat Razor Film Produktio... nur Marokko
2016 Shelter Feature Film Eran Riklis Heimatfilm GmbH + CO... deutscher Teil
2016 Magical Mystery oder: Die Rück... Feature Film Arne Feldhusen Razor Film Produktio...
2015 Paula Feature Film Christian Schwocho... Pandora Film Produkt...
2015 Marija Feature Film Michael Koch Pandora Film Produkt...
2014 Grain / Buğday Feature Film Semih Kaplanoğ... Kaplan Film [tr] deutscher Teil
2014 Toni Erdmann Feature Film Maren Ade Komplizen Film GmbH ...
2014 Wild Feature Film Nicolette Krebitz Heimatfilm GmbH + CO...
2013 The Lies of the Victors Feature Film Christoph Hochhäus... Heimatfilm GmbH + CO...
2013 Ohne Dich TV Movie, ARD [de], D... Florian Baxmeyer ODEON TV
2013 Die Abmachung Feature Film Peter Bösenberg Made in Germany Film...
2012 Nymphomaniac Feature Film Lars von Trier Zentropa [dk]
2012 Houston Feature Film Bastian Günther Flare Film GmbH deutscher Teil

Film projects in other activities
year title movie type director production comment
2007 Lemon Tree Feature Film Eran Riklis Heimatfilm GmbH + CO... production coordinatorDeutschland
2006 Beautiful Bitch Feature Film Martin Theo Krieger Riva Filmproduktion ... production coordinator
2005 The Man from the Embassy Feature Film Dito Tsintsadze Tatfilm Produktionsg... production coordinator
2003 Dear Wendy Feature Film Thomas Vinterberg Zentropa [dk] production coordinator- deutscher Teil
2002 Funky Monkey Feature Film various Franchise Pictures [... production coordinator
2000 Le Roi danse Feature Film Gérard Corbiau K-Star [fr] location manager- deutscher Teil
2000 Heidi Feature Film Markus Imboden Vega Film AG [ch] production coordinator
1999 Rembrandt Feature Film Charles Matton Ognon Pictures [fr] production coordinator
1999 Pola X Feature Film Leos Carax Pandora Film Produkt... production secretary- deutscher Teil
1999 Frau2 sucht Happy End Feature Film Edward Berger box! Film GmbH [de] cashier
1998 You're Dead... Feature Film Andy Hurst Atlantic Streamline production coordinator
1998 Meschugge Feature Film Dani Levy X Filme Creative Poo... production secretary- deutscher Teil
1996 The Harpist Feature Film Hansjörg Thurn Black Forest Films G... production coordinator
1995 Tykho Moon Feature Film Enki Bilal Black Forest Films G... production secretary- deutscher Teil

Basic details
nationality German
languages English (fluently), French (fluently)
experience shooting in foreign countries Middle East: Israel

North Africa: Morocco

Eastern Europe: Rumania

Western Europe: France, Isle Of Man, Luxembourg, Switzerland

Central Africa: Cameroon

Central Asia: Georgia
immediate working area Cologne
1st residence North Rhine-Westphalia