Mia Kaspari  BFFS, LAFT, WIFTG

actress, speaker
Mia Kaspari, actor, speaker, Berlin
Mia Kaspari, actor, speaker, Berlin
Mia Kaspari, actor, speaker, Berlin
Mia Kaspari, actor, speaker, Berlin
Mia Kaspari, actor, speaker, Berlin
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2003 Coaching Company Berlin
2000 to 2001 iSFF Institut für Schauspiel, Film- und Fernsehberufe
1999 Schauspielausbildung, Theatre de Complicité, London bei...
1994 to 1998 Schauspielstudio De Fazio, Rom, Italien
1993 Schauspielschule Mainz

Projects as actress
year title movie type director part
2017 Leaving Earth Education/Trainin... Michael Magarik Anna [SR]
2016 Last Year in Utopia Documentary Jana Magdalena Keuch... C [L]
2015   Audi - Almost Human (Webfilme) Commercial Jan Bonny disfunktionale Roboterin [L]
2014 Mein dunkles Geheimnis Documentary Serie..., SAT.1 [de] various Peggy Mitschke [L]
2013 Pilsner Urquell - Originality Commercial Roman Valent 50er Jahre Mutter [SR]
2007 Die Weihnachtswette TV Movie, ZDF [de] Christian von Castel... Buchhalterin [BP]
2006   Lunik Feature Film Gilbert Beronneau Angie [L]
2005 Privatunterricht Short Feature Fil... Sebastian Heidinger Erika, Lehrerin [L]
2005 Typisch Sophie TV Series, SAT.1 [de] various Episodenrolle [SR]
2005   Wremja sobiratch kamni / Time to Gather St... Feature Film Alexei Karelin Emma [SR]
2004   Edel & Starck TV Series, SAT.1 [de] various Episodenrolle [SR]
2003   Einsatz täglich - Polizisten ermitteln Documentary Serie..., ZDF [de] Wolfram Hundhammer Karin Petersen [L]
2002   Die Geliebten Short Feature Fil... Sonja M. Schultz Satja Shiva [L]
1999 Happy Hour Short Feature Fil... Werner Zwosta Estelle [L]
1999 Hallo Onkel Doc TV Series, SAT.1 [de] various Episodenrolle [SR]
1986 Hessische Geschichten TV Series, ZDF [de] Heinz Schirk Larissa [SR]

Theater Engagements
year play part director theater
2016 Sonne für Alle Performerin Story Dealer Berlin, Hans ... Performance im öffentlichen Rau, Alexanderplatz
2016 Kraft des Zweifelns Fr. Dr. T. Rhom, Forschung... Hans Geißlinger, Story Dea... Kongresshaus Stadthalle Heidelberg
2016 Alles was kommt Performerin Luis Fraenckel u. Uta Kall... Gemeinschaftshaus Gropiusstadt Berlin
2016 Eine Armlänge Abstand Fleißiges Lieschen Harriet Haas u. Mia Kaspar... Gemeinschaftshaus Gropiusstadt Berlin
2016 Sehnsucht hat die Farbe Blau Performerin 2 Brigit Breitenbach u. Ther... Gemeinschaftshaus Gropiusstadt Berlin
2014 Wenn es Dir nicht passt, geh – ansonste... Heimweh Leidende Ricarda Schuh u. Sofie Hüs... Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg
2013 - 2014 Geld – Macht – Visionen, Teil 1-3 Kriegerin zwi. Welten Cathérine Welly u. Evelyn ... ZENTRUM danziger50, Kulturverein Prenzl. Berg
2009 L'amour fou?! Die geliebte Stimme Liiebesbotin u. Engel Mia Kaspari Lokhalle, Schöneberger Südgelände
2007 Me-DE(A)-Fusion Martha Freud, Moderatorin Mia Kaspari Berliner Unterwelten, stillgelegter U-Bahnhof
2005 - 2006 Infernale, anonym Teil I u. II 2. Weltkrieg, div. Frauens... Mia Kaspari Berliner Unterweltene.V., im historischen Bunker
2004 - 2005 Stauffenberg heute - Wege aus der Ohnma... Eva Braun Klemens J. Brysch Schillertheater Berlin
2003 Saxomenia Sensual Performerin Mia Kaspari Werkstatt der Kulturen Berlin
2000 Der Skorpion beim Knastfestival Erzählerin u. Häftling Roland Brus Theater AufBruch u. Volksbühne
1999 - 2000 Verborgener Raum / Transfer Nach Juliane Winter Roland Brus Theater AufBruch
1998 Darja Darja Miriam Goldschmidt Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern

Basic details
self portrayal englishMia Kaspari graduated her acting studies , e.g. in Rome at the Studio De Fazio with Dominique De Fazio, member of the Actor’s Studio NY, and with Lilo Baur at the Theatre de Complicité in London. As an intercultural, multitalented Artist she works as an actress, stage director and drama teacher. Since 1998 followed besides many international and national film- and TV-roles numerous theater engagements, e.g. with the stage director Miriam Goldschmidt, member of Peter Brook’s Ensemble, at the Theatre AufBruch with the stage director Roland Brus at the prison JVA Tegel and Peggy Lukac at the sophiensäele in Berlin.

Since 2001, her son’s birth, she realized her own productions. In addition to directing and producing she also performed:
2005/06 she created Infernal, anonymous part I and part II in the HISTORICAL BUNKER of the Berlin Underworlds Association, a space performance about the women victim- perpetrator- roles at the end of 1945.
The magazine ZITTY listed her under the best productions of 2005 of Berlin: "Mia Kasparis visionary scenes reminiscent World War II and therefore , the suffering of all wars... an always necessary topic was presented dramatically and spatially brilliant. "
2007 she directed Me-DE (A) Fusion in the 1914 built subway station at the Alfred Döblin Square / Berlin - Kreuzberg, a space performance on Medea, love, home, terror, death, displacement and asylum. In addition to directing and producing she also performed following role: Moderator.
The magazine THEATRE OF TIME / Nov. 07 wrote: "... Mia Kasparis staging is probably one of the most unusual theater evenings of this beginning season ... It deals with large dramatic force - particularly through the involvement of spectators and space - the question, how violence emerges and what the consequences are. "
Again The magazine ZITTY listed her under the Berlins best productions of 2007.
2009 she realized L 'amour fou! The human voice by Jean Cocteau, a French- German Tango-theater performance about love in the engine shed on the Schöneberger Südgelände.
Viewers Voice: “Very impressive! Both the parking area to the venue, an old engine shed, and the event itself, which was staged with a lot of love and fantasy. The resulting atmosphere was really something special.”

Mia Kaspari’s productions aim: To include the audience, to encourage them to ponder and to give them back the poetry of their everyday life and the faith in themselves.

Mia Kaspari’s theatre style: A theater, which lives, loves, laughs and provokes, which narrates itself, also and above all, without words; which has secrets and creates magical moments. It's poetic and political.
height165 cm - 5' 5'' ft/in 
weight72 kg - 158 lb. 
body typewomanly 
skin type White Central European
hair colourbrown 
hair lengthmedium 
eye colourbrown 
nationality German
languages German (mother tongue), English (fluently), Italian (basic), French (basic)
Berliners (native), Hessian (native)
singing A cappella (basic knowledge), Chanson (basic knowledge)
skills (dances) Standard (basic knowledge)
skills (sports) yoga
experience shooting in foreign countries Eastern Europe: Russia, Czech Republic

Southern Europe: Italy

Western Europe: England
licences B (car) [eu], BE (car with trailer) [eu], C1 (truck < 3,5t <= 7,5t) [eu], C1E (truck (C1) + trailer <= 12t) [eu], CE (Truck trailer) [eu], M (autocycle) [eu], T (tractor) [eu]
immediate working area Berlin
1st residence Berlin
other possibilities of accommodation Hamburg, Frankfurt
associations Association of German Film & TV Actors [de], Landesverband Freie Theaterschaffende Berlin e.V. [de], WIFTG - Women in Film & Television Germany e.V. [de]