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At Crew United registered projects
year title movie type comment
2018 Za granyu realnosti / Beyond the Edge Feature Film Germany DVD / Blu-ray
2017 Khali the Killer Indie Feature Film Germany DVD / Blu-ray
2016 Day of the Dead: Bloodline Indie Feature Film Blu-ray/DVD (Germany)
2016 Austreten Feature Film
2016 Bienvenue à Marly-Gomont / The African Doc... Feature Film Deutschland / Blu-ray / DVD
2015 Luis und die Aliens Feature Film Home Entertainment Deutschland
2015 Free State of Jones Indie Feature Film Germany DVD / Blu-ray
2015 David Lynch - The Art Life Documentary Germany DVD (NFP)
2007 Familie Dr. Kleist TV Series, MDR [de]
2005 Deadly Nam Feature Film
2005 The Unbelievable Terror TV Movie
2002 Baltic Storm Feature Film
2000 Death Download TV Movie
1992 Army of Darkness Indie Feature Film VHS Germany
1984 Detektivbüro Roth TV Series, NDR [de], S... DVD Deutschland