Manfred Schreiber

At Crew United registered projects
year title movie type credited as comment
2012 DREWAG - Stadtwerke GmbH - Ausbildungsfilm Image Film dialogue writer
2011 BMW Group - EfficientDynamics Engine Famil... Image Film assistent sound designer
2011 Audi Star Talk TV-Show, sport1 (vor... editor Making of (Hopp, van Bommel + Basle...
2010 Micky, 30 Short Feature Film director, screenwriter, director of...
2010 Rukeli Trollmann Short Documentary director, director of photography, ...
2008 Bankhaus Wölbern - Image '08 Image Film set runner (Dreh: Hamburg)
2005 Hahnemann Short Feature Film editor Theater / Video-Projekt
2004 Audi - Sportback Image Film set runner (Dreh: München, Ingolstadt)
2002 Augenauf e.V. - Reportage (Social Spot geg... Commercial editor Kurzfilm-Fassung 2004
2003 Almost Amused - (Have you) Seen it Music Video editor Album: Now In A Timemachine
2001 Django Mail - The Movie Short Feature Film director, editor (Special Expanded Limited Edition 2...
1999 Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei TV Series, RTL eng camera (Making of div. Stunt-Drehs)
1999 Cops 2000 TV Series, RTL Development (im Team)
1999 Action Team Report, RTL editorial trainee (Texter, Ton-Assistent)
1999 Making of - Alarm für Cobra 11 Making Of, RTL assistant editor
1999 Der Clown TV Series, RTL set runner (div. Stunt-Drehs)
1998 Cops 2000 TV Series, RTL Development (Team-Autor: Serien-Bibel)