Frederik Funke

Frederik Funke, actor, Berlin
Frederik Funke, actor, Berlin
Frederik Funke, actor, Berlin
Frederik Funke, actor, Berlin
Frederik Funke, actor, Berlin
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Phone+49 171 1606002
Address    Strasse 1
10435 Berlin

Contact    Karin Kruse
Phone      +49 30 43739647

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Projects as actor | 20 of 53 | SHOW ALL
year title movie type director part
2018 Beyond the Tide Short Feature Fil... various [L]
2016 Milram - Hochgenommen Commercial Linus Ewers Jörn [L]
2016 Jack Wolfskin - Make Your Life Unforgettab... Commercial Peter Döring Hauptrolle [L]
2016 BMW M3 - 30 Jahre Limited Special Edition Commercial Peter Döring Male Actor [L]
2015 ADAC - Immer, überall 2015 Commercial Maximilian Gerlach ADAC Fahrer [SR]
2015 ProSieben Maxx - Follow your Instinct Commercial Sebastian von Wysche... Mann / Vater [L]
2015 Kuschelweich - Kuschelalarm Commercial Catharina 'Nina' Rol... Vater [L]
2015 Meteoriten Teaser (Series Co... various Hugh [SR]
2014 Die Mutter des Mörders TV Movie, ZDF [de] Carlo Rola Kriminalassistent Wagner [SR]
2014 Fuzzy Heart Short Feature Fil... Marlène Tencha Noah [L]
2014 Mia - Queen Music Video Carola Schmidt Vater
2014 Google - Speak Now Commercial Robert Nylund Vater / Bonobos [L]
2013 Adjust - We make data work for you Commercial Sven Dittgen Mann [L]
2013 IKEA - Coming Home, Prepared (2 Spots) Commercial Sean Meehan Mann [SR]
2012 Telekom - Mobiles Internet LTE Commercial Freier Eckert Mann [SR]
2012 Telekom - Stakkato Commercial Freier Eckert Mann [SR]
2012 Right Guard Deo - Kicker Commercial Barton Landsman Buddy [SR]
2012 The Set Menu Short Feature Fil... Mark Hendrikx Leo [L]
2012 The (Webserie) Series Nicolai Tegeler Freddy Funke [SS]
2012 Weed - Weltwirtschaft, Ökologie und Entwic... Commercial Döndü Kilic Er [L]

Projects as dubber / speaker
year title movie type dubbed actor part
2011 Dealomio - Shoppen in der Stad... Commercial off-Stimme

Theater Engagements
year play part director theater
2005 Der Dibbuk Vater Joachim Stargard Reissverschluss Theater Berlin
1999 Dreigroschenoper Mr. Peachum Arianne Wollrab Junges Theater Bonn
1998 Das blaue Paradies Sprecher Arianne Wollrab Junges Theater Bonn
1998 Die Räuber Mohr Arianne Wollrab Junges Theater Bonn
1998 Die Physiker Einstein Arianne Wollrab Junges Theater Bonn
1997 Einmal ins Jenseits und zurück Teufelchen Arianne Wollrab Junges Theater Bonn

Basic details
self portrayal englishSmart, young, intelligent and pretty talented. Experience in theatre and tv productions, amenable for normal-/low- and no budget projects in Berlin or somewhere else. Still flexible at the moment. Looking forward... 
height189 cm - 6' 2'' ft/in 
body typeslim 
skin type White Central European
hair colourdark brown 
eye colourblue-green 
languages English (fluently), French (fluently)
singing Classic (basic knowledge)
instruments recorder (basic knowledge), piano (basic knowledge)
skills (dances) Jazzdance (basic knowledge), Modern Dance (basic knowledge)
skills (sports) freeclimbing, soccer, inline skating, swimming, snowboarding
licences B (car) [eu]
immediate working area Berlin
1st residence
other possibilities of accommodation Cologne, Bonn, Freiburg, London