Grünberg Film GmbH

Production Company, TV Production

Grünberg Film GmbH: Production Company, TV Production

Contact Andreas Grünberg
Phone +49 30 9432999
Fax+49 30 9432999
Mobile +49 177 2780018
Address   Blankenburger Chaussee 84
13125 Berlin

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Projects as production company
year title movie type director comment
2013 In The Name Of The King III Feature Film Uwe Boll Associate Producer
2012 Achtzehn - Wagnis Leben Documentary, ARD [de] Cornelia Grünberg Associate Producer
2007 Beyond Remedy Feature Film Gerhard Hross Co-Producer
2005 Hanseblick Spezial - Mit dem Trike um die ... Report (Series), NDR [de] Andreas Grünberg Produktion
2002 Adam and Eve (aka Forbidden Fruit) Feature Film Izidore Musallam Executive Producer
1998 First Kiss Short Feature F... Cornelia Grünberg Co-Producer
1998 Dream Lover Short Feature F... Daniel Westbrook Associate Producer
1998 Two in a Boat Feature Film, ARD [de] Cornelia Grünberg Co-Producer

company profileDevelopment and (co-) production of (international) feature films and documentaries; as a side line: script development; script translations (already more than 20); agency; score 
year of foundation 1997
immediate working area HQ: Berlin