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 Showreel (extern)
Contact Pete Schilling
Phone +49 211 93894471
Address   Mintropstraße 14-16
40215 Düsseldorf

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Projects as production company
year title movie type director
2017 Arkk - Eagle Zero Commercial Pete Schilling
2017 Canyon - Factory Racing Commercial Pete Schilling
2017 Deutsche Bank - Direkte Chatfunktion Image Film Pete Schilling
2016 Canyon - Draw The Line. Sender Commercial Pete Schilling
2016 L'Oréal Make-Up - Lena Meyer-Landrut Commercial Pete Schilling
2016 Huawei - Matebook Commercial Pete Schilling
2016 Canyon - Disconnect Commercial Pete Schilling
2016 Uli Milz - Jewelry Commercial Pete Schilling
2015 Skin Showreel Produc... Pete Schilling

company profileWe are a small team of experienced film creators working with top companys like Leica, Canyon and Red Bull. We've helped to sell awesome products for brands including Huawei, Loreal Paris, Warner Movies & Dior.

Just drop us a line if you are interested in working with us on your next big thing.
experience shooting in foreign countries Southern Europe: Italy, Portugal, Spain

Western Europe: France, Great Britain, Netherlands
year of foundation 2012
number of employees 6
immediate working area HQ: Düsseldorf