Andreas Goebel

Andreas Goebel, actor, Berlin
Andreas Goebel, actor, Berlin
Andreas Goebel, actor, Berlin
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So & Anders
Contact    Arne Stephan & David Gebert
Phone      +49 30 53045950

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Projects as actor
year title movie type director part
2013 Why Siegfried Teitelbaum had to die Indie Feature Fil... Axel Steinmüller Lindström [SR]
2007 Immonet - Familie, Ladies Commercial Henning Malz Vater [L]
2007 Frauenkongress - Lehrer (Zuspieler für Pod... Image Film Nils Foerster Herr Schmidt [SR]
2007 Ahornallee TV Series, RTL various Udo Meister [L]
2005 Ahornallee TV Series, RTL Tilmann Schillinger Udo Meister [L]
2002 Mein Vater TV Movie Andreas Kleinert Nebenrolle [SR]
2002 Forbidden Love TV Series, ARD various Episodenrolle [SR]
1999 TV Kaiser TV-Show, RTL various Episodenhauptrolle [L]

Basic details
height185 cm - 6' 1'' ft/in 
body typeaverage 
skin type White Central European
hair coloursalt and pepper 
hair lengthmedium 
eye colourgreen-brown 
nationality German
languages German (mother tongue), English (good), Spanish (good), French (basic)
immediate working area Berlin
1st residence Berlin