Alexander Wolf David

At Crew United registered projects
year title movie type credited as comment
2017 Franz Short Feature Film composer
2017 Mentos - The Man with a Coin Spec Commercial composer
2017 Nachgeben stillt viele Kriege Workshop-Production music producer
2016 Schwarm Short Feature Film composer
2016 Neighbourwood Short Feature Film composer
2016 Baufix - Wenn, dann richtig! & Partyregeln... Commercial composer, composer
2016 SWP Stadtwerke Pforzheim - Da leuchten wi... Image Film composer
2016 Ohropax - Kill The Noise Spec Commercial composer
2016 Dallmayr - Yawn of the Dead Spec Commercial composer
2015 Adidas - Break Free Spec Commercial music supervisor, composer
2016 Hence Versicherung - The Bridge Spec Commercial composer
2014 Gut zu Vögeln Feature Film composer Additional Soundtrack
2015 The Old Man And The Lake Short Feature Film music supervisor
2015 Fukushima Water (Social Spot) Commercial composer
2015 ITFS - Animan Trailer composer
2015 American Apparel - Panarea Spec Commercial composer
2014 American Apparel - Come Spec Commercial composer
2015 Unicef - Granatapfel Spec Commercial composer