Miriam Braun

Miriam Braun, actor, Berlin
Miriam Braun, actor, Berlin
Miriam Braun, actor, Berlin
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Year of birth: 1991 in Dartington (UK)
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2012/9 to 2016/12 Michael Tschechow Studio Berlin

Projects as actress
year title movie type director part
2017 Dritto Short Feature Fil... Tiarnan McCartney Sara [SR]
2017 The Priest and the Punk Short Feature Fil... Emily Manthei Sabine [L]
2016 Am Fuchsbau 2 Education/Trainin... Leonhard Hofmann Engländerin [L]
2016 Michel Workshop-Producti... Max Howitz 2. Frau [L]
2016 In Between Workshop-Producti... Shimrit Malul Engel [SR]

Theater Engagements
year play part director theater
2017 Sprichwörterabend Mademoiselle Martha Anemone Poland TheaterForum Kreuzberg

Basic details
height158 cm - 5' 2'' ft/in 
weight50 kg - 110 lb. 
body typeslim 
skin type White Central European
hair colourdark brown 
hair lengthmedium 
eye colourgreen-brown 
nationality German
languages German (mother tongue), English (mother tongue), French (good)
singing Chanson (good)
skills (dances) Ballet (basic knowledge), Standard (basic knowledge)
skills (sports) aikido, fencing (stage)
immediate working area Berlin
1st residence Berlin
other possibilities of accommodation Berlin, Munich, Cape Town, Nairobi, Stuttgart