Eon Sounds Productions

Rerecording, composition, Music Supervising, Music Licensing, Music Production, Music Publishers, Sound Design, Sound Editing

Eon Sounds Productions: Rerecording, composition, Music Supervising, Music Licensing, Music Production, Music Publishers, Sound Design, Sound Editing

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Contact Peter F. Ebbinghaus
Phone +49 172 6777206
Email info@eonsounds.com
Homepage   http://eonsounds.com
Address   Steinstraße 4
10119 Berlin

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year title movie type director production comment
2017 The Oslo Diaries Documentary various Medalia Production... Filmmusik
2017 Annabelle: Creation Movie Trailer David F. Sandberg New Line Cinema [u... Sound Design für int. TV Spot
2017 Starcraft: Remastered Trailer Chris Metzen Blizzard Entertain... Musik für int. Trailer


Francois Jolin
Audio Director North America
phone: +1 514 4452065
mobile: +1 514 4452065
eMail: francois@eonsounds.com

Peter F. Ebbinghaus
Audio Team Agent
phone: +49 172 6777206
mobile: +49 172 6777206
eMail: peter@eonsounds.de

Sebastian Watzinger
Audio-Koordinator Deutschland
phone: +49 151 50402088
mobile: +49 151 50402088
eMail: sebastian@eonsounds.de

Tommy Menard
Audio Consultant North America
phone: +1 514 5156545
mobile: +1 514 5156545
eMail: tommy@eonsounds.com

Steinstraße 4
10119 Berlin
phone: +49 172 6777206

eMail: hallo@eonsounds.de
777 De Bellechasse
H2S 1X7 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
phone: +1 514 4452065

eMail: info@eonsounds.com

company profileIn an ever-changing environment full of disctraction, at Eon Sounds we focus on creating timeless soundscapes that captivate. With a big potential of sonic oversaturation in our world, we are passionate about defining the nuances of sound and the immediate impact it has on everyone’s emotions.

Eon Sounds is a virtually boundless Audio Production Company for sonically branded content. We represent international artists for custom scoring, SFX, foley and music licensing for films, games, advertising and trailers in North America, Europe and, Asia.
With a dedicated team of seasoned music and audio professionals, Eon Sounds provide a steadfast and remote flexibility that can accommodate all types of audio post-productions across multiple time zones.

We can provide an all-inclusive package hiring key talents for your specific needs. Our team can cover the following positions in your production:

Audio Director
Sound Designers
Voice-over Artists
Music Producers
Music Editors
Music Supervisors
Sound Engineers
Scoring mixers
Audio Coders

A custom group optimized for your needs is available on request via info[at]eonsounds.com.

Apart from post-production services we also offer public distribution of our music in collaboration with established L.A. based labels to make sure that both soundtrack and your project have the best visibility possible.
year of foundation 2013
number of employees 4
immediate working area HQ: Montreal
other offices: Berlin, Montreal