Alexandra Surer

actress, voice actress, speaker
Alexandra Surer, actor, voice actor, speaker, München

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Projects as actress | 20 of 25 |
year title movie type director part
2016 Nina Feature Film Cynthia Mort Youth Concert Guest (uncredited) [BP]
2015 Beauty in the Broken Feature Film Max Leonida Asylum Nurse [SR]
2015 Skiddle and Bang It (Webseries) Series Murisa Habra Agentin - 'L' [LE]
2014 Gruyeres Short Feature Fil... Murisa Habra Train Announcer [SR]
2014 LA Dreams Series Pilot Roman Wyden Therapist [L]
2013 The Trials of Kate McCall Feature Film Karen Moncrieff Lawyer Kate's Team [BP]
2013 Saving Mr Banks Feature Film John Lee Hancock Hotel Guest [BP]
2013 The Goodwin Games TV Series, FOX [us] Jesse Peretz Yoga Woman [BP]
2013 The Crazy Ones TV Series, CBS [us] Jason Winer McDonald Manager (1 Folge) [SRE]
2012 Busch Gardens Williamsburg - Verbolten Image Film Brian Morrow Gerta Schwartzwald [L]
2012 Parenthood Series, NBC [us] Patrick R. Norris Patient in Waiting Room (uncredited) [BP]
2011 Anonymous Feature Film Roland Emmerich Lady In Waiting [BP]
2011 Heineken - The Handlebar Moustache Commercial Noam Murro Female Reaction Shot [BP]
2011 Prime Suspect TV Series, NBC [us] Peter Berg MILF [BP]
2011 Dr. Drew's Lifechangers TV-Show Brian Campbell Friend with Benefits [LE]
2011 Dr. Drew's Lifechangers TV-Show Brian Campbell Alexandra Surer [BP]
2011 Morbid Minutes (Webseries) Series Ted Raimi Sandra [L]
2005 Tailor-Made Dreams Documentary, arte, ZDF Marco Wilms Reporter [SR]
2002 Silence Feature Film Mennan Yapo Polizistin am Empfang [SR]
2000 Vater wider Willen TV Series, ARD Walter Bannert Amerikanische Sekretärin [SRE]

Projects as dubber / speaker
year title movie type dubbed actor part
2014 Wolfenstein - The New Order Video Game Camp Prisoner [SR]
2011 Killzone - Shadow Fall Video Game Straub [L]

Basic details
height165 cm - 5' 5'' ft/in 
weight53 kg - 116 lb. 
body typedelicate 
skin type White Central European
hair coloursandy 
hair lengthlong 
eye colourgreen-brown 
nationality Swiss, U.S.-American
languages German (mother tongue), English (mother tongue), Italian (good), French (fluently)
American (Standard), Basel-German (native), California English (native), Zurich-German (native)
singing A cappella (good), Chanson (good), Choir (good), Musical (good), Rock/Pop (good), Schlager (good)
instruments accordion (basic knowledge), recorder (good), piano (good), drums (basic knowledge)
skills (sports) aerobic, acrobatics, badminton, baseball, beach volleyball, billiards, bowling, unicycle, fencing (stage), pilates, shooting (rifle), shooting (hand-gun), swimming, skiing, squash, stick fighting, volleyball, yoga
experience shooting in foreign countries North America: USA

Western Europe: Switzerland
immediate working area Munich, Zürich
1st residence Bavaria
other possibilities of accommodation Berlin, Basel, Houston (Texas), Las Vegas (Nevada), Los Angeles, Manchester, New York