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Peoplegrapher: Production Company

Contact Mira Harnischmacher
Phone +49 211 9945566-0
Address   Zimmerstraße 21
40215 Düsseldorf

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Projects as production company
year title movie type director
2018 Berliner Sparkasse - Entdecke den Anleger in dir Commercial Lukas Tielke
2017 Ford Mustang - Taxi Commercial Lukas Tielke
2017 C&A - Festive Commercial Lukas Tielke
2017 Sparkasse Bochum - Wenn nicht jetzt wann dann? Commercial Lukas Tielke
2017 Martin Heck - HCK. The future of work is human Image Film Lukas Tielke
2016 Falke x Audi - 4 Grip Socks Commercial Lukas Tielke
2016 Ford - Eine Idee weiter Commercial Lukas Tielke
2016 Sport Scheck - Wir machen Sport Commercial Lukas Tielke
2016 Fielmann - Claire & Cecile Commercial Lukas Tielke
2016 Fielmann - La Vie en Rose Commercial Lukas Tielke


Jack Gregory Donald
department: Produktion
phone: +49 211 99445288
mobile: +49 151 40734855

Lukas Tielke
department: Regie
phone: +49 211 99445287
mobile: +49 160 7004349

Mira Harnischmacher
department: Produktion
phone: +49 211 99445287
mobile: +49 151 40102115

Zimmerstraße 21
40215 Düsseldorf
phone: +49 211 9945566-0


company profileWe are creative, individual and love our work.
Our work are your ideas. And your ideas are our motivation.
peoplegrapher is a hybrid media production company based in Düsseldorf. We concept, plan and produce aestethic films ranging from advertising, film and creative content.
Our approach – a modern film atelier – combines all services in one atelier. Short distances, high efficiency and a well integrated team provide the groundwork for delivering high quality results.
Our determination is to offer our clients the benefit of our interdisciplinary expertise how on every project.

Our strategy allows us to create innovative and effective solutions for every project with our professional and creative experience. This is only possible through our very strong in-house team, which consists of passionate directing DPs and experienced producers. In addition to that, our International portfolio offers a range of talented award winning directors.
experience shooting in foreign countries Northern Europe: Norway

Southern Europe: Portugal, Spain

Western Europe: France, Austria
year of foundation 2009
number of employees 4
immediate working area HQ: Düsseldorf
other offices: Düsseldorf