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Contact Bernhard Orthuber
Phone +49 151 15950868
Address   Schneeheideanger, 10
80937 München

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company profile(SoundMan - DJ Berny) - (Bernhard Christian Orthuber) DJ Munich
Hello dear visitors of my DJ Webportales, nice that you have found me ...
Yes, what I can and will tell you about me here? I'm a nice, likeable man who has always enjoyed a joke ready. Disc jockey I am since my youth of passion and vocation for music. Already with 10 years (in the 70s) I was proud of my cassette collection of more than 500 pieces. Later it was then to the 20,000 and 5,000 LPs maxis, today there are around 150,000 music tracks, all in digital form - is understood surely. Music reflects me back a lot of personalities and feelings, which also can be found with me on my Gig's again.
I love it always particularly great pleasure to inspire you with my experience and my knowledge of music the audience. Here now but my very extensive Vita to my musical work:

A real Munich - born in Schwabing - DJ Munich
With 20 years already worked as a club disc jockey DJ Hell in addition to one of the then biggest discotheque in Germany as a residence DJ.
For long years (1,300 gigs) completely booked on our planet as a disc jockey.
Many appearances on TV - as a performer and DJ (Tatort - SoKo - K11 - Manitou's Shoe - Wetten dass ... among others?).
For 10 years as an independent event DJ Munich online.
Music knowledge and archive of 80 years and 90,000 Top titles from all genres (owner of about 20,000 LPs - 5,000 Maxi`s - 2,500 CDs - some 150,000 legal MP3)
year of foundation 2002
immediate working area HQ: Munich