Simon & Paul

Production Company

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Projects as production company | 20 of 33 |
year title movie type director
2017 Elbphilharmonie Hamburg - Programmvorstellung Commercial Simon Fessler
2017 Elbphilharmonie - Grand Opening Commercial Tobias Paul
2017 Saturn - Black Week. Jetzt entdecken Commercial Walter Stöhr
2017 BMW - Headquarters Tower. Like a Battery Commercial Tobias Paul
2017 Universal Verleih - Atomic Blonde (Promofilm) Commercial Tobias Paul
2017 Edeka - Weihnachten 2117 Commercial Zornitsa Dimitrova
2017 Elbphilharmonie - Slow & Motion Teaser Tobias Paul
2017 Elbphilharmonie - Rock 'N' Roll Drone Race Teaser Simon Fessler
2017 Entfremdung Short Feature F... Tobias Paul
2017 Canyon - Take Flite Commercial Peter Bender
2017 BMW M4 GTS - Green Hell Commercial Simon Fessler
2017 Brett - Schwester Music Video Dennis Dirksen
2017 Schönfeld - Die Teegärtner Commercial Peter Bender
2017 Schrottgrenze - Glitzer auf Beton Music Video Simon Fessler
2017 Weingut Robert Weil - Image Commercial Simon Fessler
2016 Metropolregion Rhein Neckar - Wo Sonst. Volldampf Commercial Tobias Paul
2016 Fabio Haebel / Tarterie St. Pauli - Ein Tag mit Fabio Haebel Image Film Tobias Paul
2016 Maggie Herker - Sneaker Calendar Crowdfunding-Vi... Tobias Paul
2016 Hamburg Aviation - Corporate Film Image Film Simon Fessler
2016 Christian Kjellvander - Midsummer Music Video Simon Fessler

experience shooting in foreign countries Australia and Oceania: New Zealand

North Africa: Morocco

Northern Europe: Sweden

Southern Europe: Italy

Western Europe: Switzerland
year of foundation 2014
number of employees 3
immediate working area HQ: Hamburg