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Spektrumfilm TV: Production Company

Contact Jan-Ahrent Czmok
Phone +49 6131 32716610
Fax+49 6131 32716619
Mobile +49 176 48101394
Email jan@czmok.de
Homepage   http://www.spektrumfilm.tv
Address   Holunderweg 5
55128 Mainz

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Projects as production company
year title movie type director comment
2018 Nachtschwärmer Short Feature F... Lisa Mausbach Koproduktion
2018 I don't know Short Feature F... Veronika Bolotina
2017 Die Flaschenpostinsel Indie Feature F... Toni Kurtin
2017 Ein Wesen (Webserie) Series various
2016 MimiCry Short Feature F... Jennifer von Schuckman...
2016 Reset Short Feature F... Nils Hillebrand
2015 Bradi Kiosk (Webserie) Series Daniel Knußmann
2014 Cabaret Voltaire Short Feature F... Jennifer von Schuckman...
2014 Wolkenblau (aka Liebe meines Lebens) (NOT... Indie Feature F... Sybille Tagler-Scholz


Jan Czmok
Geschäftsführer / Inhaber
phone: +49 176 48101394
mobile: +49 176 48101394
eMail: jczmok@spektrumfilm.tv


SPEKTRUMFILM defines itself as a service provider for Media Productions in the Rhein-Main-Area.
Since 2013 we gained a lot of experience thru specialisation in key “niche” areas. Our aim is to help create the “extraordinary” film.

As we are called the “nerds” under the filmmakers – we can provide you with Lenses, Cameras, Anamorphots, Knowledge and Gimmicks. We are known for the non-standard stuff.
experience shooting in foreign countries Northern Europe: Finland

Western Europe: England, Ireland
year of foundation 2014
number of employees 1
immediate working area HQ: Mainz