Daniel Craig

At Crew United registered projects
year title movie type part
2016 Logan Lucky Feature Film Joe Bang [HR]
2014 James Bond 007 - Spectre Feature Film James Bond [HR] dubbed by Dietmar Wunder
2012 James Bond 007 - Skyfall Feature Film James Bond [HR]
2010 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Feature Film Mikael Blomkvist [HR] dubbed by Dietmar Wunder
2008 James Bond 007 - Quantum of Solace Feature Film James Bond [HR]
2008 Flashbacks of a Fool Feature Film Joe Scot [HR]
2007 The Invasion Feature Film Ben [HR]
2007 Defiance Feature Film Tuvia Bielski [HR] dubbed by Dietmar Wunder
2006 James Bond 007 - Casino Royale Feature Film James Bond [HR]
2005 Munich Feature Film Steve [HR]
2004 The Jacket Feature Film Rudy Mackenzie [NR]
2004 Archangel TV Movie (multi-part) Fluke Kelso [NR]
2003 Enduring Love Feature Film Joe [NR]
2002 The Mother Feature Film Darren [NR]
2002 Road to Perdition Feature Film Connor Rooney [HR] dubbed by Roman Kretschmer
2000 Sword of Honour TV Movie (multi-part), Channel 4 [... Guy Crouchback [HR]
1999 Love and Rage Feature Film James Lynchehaun [HR] dubbed by Jürg Löw
1997 The Icehouse TV Movie D.S. Andy McLoughlin [HR]
1996 Obsession Feature Film John [HR]
1994 A Kid in King Arthur's Court Feature Film Master Kane [NR]