Neue Road Movies GmbH

3D Projection, Editing Suites Rental

Neue Road Movies GmbH: 3D Projection, Editing Suites Rental

Contact Christine Rennert
Phone +49 30 814529350
Fax+49 30 814529375
Address   Saarbrücker Straße 24
10405 Berlin

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3D Projektion
Schnittraum, 3D Projektion

company profileBerlin based independent production company NEUE ROAD MOVIES was established in 2008 by director/producer Wim Wenders and producer Gian-Piero Ringel.

The company is dedicated to working with innovative directors and focuses on international co-productions with a crossover potential.
We also offer to rent our editing suite with possibilities to cut and screen 3D material.


We rent out an avid editing suite with 3D projection facility:

* separate room with soundproof door
* Mac Pro 2 x 6Core 2.93 GHz, 48 GB RAM
* Avid Nitris (2 x HD-SDI I/O)
* 2 x Sanyo HD-Beamer with Real-D Filter
* 3m wide silver screen
* elevated desk
* 2 x 1920x1200 HP TFT, 1 x JVC HD reference monitor
* 4 x USB-3
* V-DSL up to 50 Mbit/s
* pleasant entrance and kitchen
year of foundation 2008
number of employees 3
immediate working area HQ: Berlin