Michael Paré

At Crew United registered projects
year title movie type part
2012 Assault on Wall Street Feature Film Frank [NR]
2012 The Philadelphia Experiment - Reactivated TV Movie Hagan [HR] dubbed by Ron Matz
2010 Bloodrayne 3 - The Third Reich Feature Film Ekart Brand [HR]
2009 Rampage Feature Film Sheriff Melvoy [NR]
2007 Postal Feature Film Panhandler [NR] dubbed by Marco Kröger
2007 BloodRayne II - Deliverance Feature Film Pat Garrett [HR] dubbed by Marco Kröger
2006 Furnace Feature Film Michael Turner [HR]
2006 Seed Feature Film Detective Matt Bishop [HR] dubbed by Marco Kröger
2004 Bloodrayne Indie Feature Film Iancu [NR] dubbed by Marco Kröger
2003 Heart of America Feature Film Will Prat [NR]
2002 Blackwoods Feature Film Sheriff Harding [HR] dubbed by Marco Kröger
1992 Into the Sun Feature Film Capt. Paul Watkins [HR] dubbed by Marco Kröger
1988 Moon 44 Feature Film Felix Stone [HR]
1987 World Gone Wild Feature Film George Landon [NR]