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key/dolly grip

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Projects as key/dolly grip | 20 of 55 |
year title movie type director of photo... production comment
2018 Proxima Feature Film Georges Lechaptois Dharamsala [fr] Germany
2018 Eden (aka The House) TV Series, arte Patrick Ghiringhel... Lupa Film GmbH Germany
2017 Cronofobia Feature Film Simon Guy Fässler Imago Film SA [ch] Key Grip
2017 Wolkenbruchs wunderliche Reise... Feature Film Michael Saxer Turnus Film AG ZH
2017 Dr. Devias - Plan A Commercial Willy Dettmeyer Express Inc. [jp]
2017 Wilder TV Series, SRF 1 [ch] Michael Saxer C-Films AG [ch] Glarus,CH
2016 Il mangiatore di pietre Feature Film Simon Guy Fässler Cineworx Filmprodukt... Piemont,IT
2016 Volkswagen - Der neue Golf Commercial Pascal Remond Mpg Media Picture Gr...
2016 Volkswagen - Drivers of Change Commercial Damjan Radovanovic Mpg Media Picture Gr...
2016 Out Of Control Feature Film Felix Poplawsky Action Concept Film-...
2015 Porsche - The New 911 R Image Film Maher Maleh Rubidao GmbH Studio
2015 Bud Light - Sueno Americano Commercial Carlos Veron Nunchaku [us]
2015 Männertag Feature Film Uwe Schäfer Chestnut Films GmbH ...
2014 Collide Feature Film Ed Wild Autobahn Film
2014 Tod den Hippies, es lebe der P... Feature Film Carl-Friedrich Kos... X Filme Creative Poo... Berlin
2014 Die dunkle Seite des Mondes Feature Film Stefan Ciupek Port au Prince Film ... Vertretung Köln
2014 Mega - 5 Season's Campaigns (m... Commercial Nic Müller-Osborne Frankfurt-Film GmbH
2014 1001 Grams Feature Film John Christian Ros... Bulbul Film [no] Germany
2014 Aloys Feature Film Simon Guy Fässler Hugofilm Productions...
2012 Layla Fourie Feature Film André Chemetoff Pandora Film Produkt... Germany

Film projects in other activities
year title movie type director production comment
2018 Deutschstunde Feature Film Christian Schwochow Network Movie Film- ... crane operatortageweise
2016 Lommbock Feature Film Christian Zübert Little Shark Enterta... crane operatortageweise
2016 Babylon Berlin TV Series Tom Tykwer X Filme Creative Poo... crane operatorTT Team, NRW, tage...
2015 Zoeva - Kampagnenfilm 2015 Commercial Jonas Lindström Parasol Island GmbH crane operator
2012 Nymphomaniac Feature Film Lars von Trier Zentropa [dk] grip assistantStudio tageweise
2012 Puma - Next Generation Commercial Mark Zibert imperial woodpecker ... grip assistant
2012 Rubinrot Feature Film Felix Fuchssteiner Lieblingsfilm GmbH grip assistant
2011 Heiter bis wolkig Feature Film Marco Petry Film1 GmbH & Co KG grip assistant
2011 Jesus liebt mich Feature Film Florian David Fitz UFA Cinema GmbH [de] grip assistant
2009 Gier TV Movie (multi..., ARD Dieter Wedel Bavaria Fiction GmbH... grip assistant
2008 Pandorum Feature Film Christian Alvart Constantin Film grip assistant
2007 Robert Zimmermann wundert sich... Feature Film Leander Haußmann Boje Buck Produktion... grip assistant
2007 MCC Smart - Questions Commercial Knut Burgdorf E+P Films GmbH [de] grip assistant
2007 Lulu und Jimi Feature Film Oskar Roehler Sperl + Schott Film ... grip assistant
2006 Eucerin - In the Jar Commercial Eric Will E+P Films GmbH [de] crane operator
2005 Tchibo - Gesundheit, Bad, Kids Commercial Enno von Debschitz BLMFilm GmbH crane operator
2005 The Front Line Feature Film David Gleeson Wide Eye Films Ltd. ... crane operatorZusatz
2005 Paulas Geheimnis Feature Film Gernot Krää Element e Filmproduk... grip assistantOstseeteil
2004 Erkan & Stefan - Der Tod kommt... Feature Film Michael Karen Headnut Industries G... grip assistant
2003 Metallic Blues Feature Film Danny Verete Eyeworks Film Gemini... grip assistant

Basic details
languages German (mother tongue), English (fluently), Spanish (good), French (basic)
immediate working area Cologne, Hamburg
1st residence North Rhine-Westphalia
other possibilities of accommodation Berlin