William Hurt

At Crew United registered projects
year title movie type part
2015 Captain America: Civil War Feature Film General Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross [NR] dubbed by Wolfgang Condrus
2015 Beowulf TV Series, ITV [uk] Hrothgar [DHR]
2014 Race Feature Film Jeremiah Mahoney [HR]
2011 J'enrage de son absence Feature Film Jacques [HR]
2009 Robin Hood Feature Film William Marshal [NR]
2009 Moby Dick Mini-Series, RTL Captain Ahab [HR] dubbed by Jürgen Heinrich
2008 The Countess Feature Film Gyorgy Thurzo [HR] dubbed by Jürgen Heinrich
2007 The Incredible Hulk Feature Film Gen. Thaddeus Thunderbolt Ross [NR] dubbed by Thomas Fritsch
2005 Neverwas Feature Film Dr. Peter Reed [HR]
2002 Master Spy - The Robert Hansson Story TV Movie Robert P. Hanssen [HR]
2001 A.I. – Artificial Intelligence Feature Film Prof. Hobby [NR] dubbed by Jürgen Heinrich
1999 Do Not Disturb Feature Film Walter Richmond [HR]
1999 Contaminated Man Indie Feature Film David Whitman [HR]
1997 Dark City Feature Film Inspector Frank Bumstead [HR]
1995 Un divan New York Feature Film Henry Harriston [HR] dubbed by Randolf Kronberg
1994 Trial by Jury Feature Film Tommy Vesey [HR]
1990 Alice Feature Film Doug Tate [NR]
1990 Until the End of the World Feature Film Trevor McPhee [NR]
1987 A Time of Destiny Feature Film Martin Larraneta [HR]