Jannik Flieger

production sound mixer

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Projects as production sound mixer
year title movie type director production comment
2018 Bumble - Love Lab Commercial Teresa Hoerl Man on Mars Filmprod...
2017 Hit and Run (Webserie) Series, Funk Lea Becker lüthje schneider hör...
2017 La Palma Indie Feature F... Erec Brehmer DREIFILM
2017 Phantomschmerz Indie Feature F... Andreas Olenberg Camcore
2017 Tarantella Indie Feature F... Nuno-Miguel Wong Turiya Film
2016 Jenny Short Feature F... Lea Becker OK Kosmos, Becker & ...
2015 Der Schreiberling Short Feature F... Zakaria Rahmani Camcore
2015 Dinky Sinky Feature Film Mareille Klein NORDPOLARIS
2013 Revolve Short Feature F... various Camcore

Film projects in other activities
year title movie type director production comment
2018 Relativity Indie Feature F... Mariko Minoguchi Trimaphilm boom operator
2016 Auf einmal ist es Morgen - Pfl... Short Feature F... Fabian Goldschmied GerontoPro boom operator
2015 Ein Single in deiner Nähe Short Feature F... Eleni Kolitsi Filmhaus Bielefeld e... boom operator
2015 Harypie - Elisa Music Video Moritz Brandes Moritz Brandes Produ... colorist
2015 Erledigt (Wettbewerbsbeitrag B... Short Feature F... Claus Martin White Phanther Produ... boom operator
2015 Social Spot - Everyone Can Hel... Commercial Marco Henn MSB-Films, Marco Hen... colorist
2015 Polaroid Short Feature F... Niklas Burghardt boom operator
2014 Zwischen Sommer & Herbst Indie Feature F... Daniel Manns crosseyed bear ficti... boom operator

Basic details
nationality German
languages German (mother tongue), English (fluently), French (basic)
experience shooting in foreign countries Southern Europe: Spain

Western Europe: France, Luxembourg
immediate working area Munich
1st residence Lower Saxony
other possibilities of accommodation Munich, Basel, Bielefeld, Braunschweig, Goettingen, Hannover, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Osnabrück