Vildan Cirpan

actress, voice actress, speaker
Vildan Cirpan, actor, voice actor, speaker, Berlin
Vildan Cirpan, actor, voice actor, speaker, Berlin
Vildan Cirpan, actor, voice actor, speaker, Berlin
Vildan Cirpan, actor, voice actor, speaker, Berlin
Vildan Cirpan, actor, voice actor, speaker, Berlin
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We are happy to announce the upcoming production of "AMAZING" - a psychological short film about one person always keeping another one at arm's length, also known as energy draining. We will shoot mostly in two gorgeous parks of Berlin, partly at the water side with many extras :) Our main actors are: Arash Marandi - known as lead in "A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night" (Premiere at Sundance 2014) and "Teheran Tabu" (Premiere at Festival de Cannes 2017) Vildan Cirpan - an aspiring actress known fr

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2011/9 to 2014/8 Internationale Schauspielakademie CreArte

year award
2015 Katholischer Jugendmedienpreis 2015

Projects as actress
year title movie type director part
2017 Amazing Short Feature Fil... Tina Matzat Claire [L]
2017 Paul Van Wedding Films - Image Image Film Paul Van Bride [L]
2016 CineStar - Gutscheinbox Commercial Martin Wenzel Actor
2016 Dehoga - Dimitris Starthilfe. Finanzierung Image Film Milos Savic Dimitris Freunde [L]
2015 One Last Call Short Feature Fil... Jens Achtert Shirin [SR]
2015 Remembering White Short Feature Fil... Josephine Gehring Janine [SR]
2015 Ich und Du und Du und Ich und Er Short Feature Fil... Enrico Kurz Vivienne [L]
2015 Bleiben Short Feature Fil... Marius Richter An [L]
2015 Das Leben ist beschissen Short Feature Fil... Jens Achtert Beate
2015 Eberspächer - EasyStart mit Smartwatch Image Film Steffen Döhner Imagefilm [BP]
2015 betrifft - Vorsicht Trickbetrüger! Was tun... Report (Series), SWR Claus Hanischdörfer
2014 Lidl - Bewerbung (Schulungsvideo) Corporate Film Joerg Kuebler Bewerberin [SR]

Projects as dubber / speaker
year title movie type dubbed actor part
2014 Speq GmbH - Vibrationsboard Commercial Synchronsprecherin Türkisch

Theater Engagements
year play part director theater
2014 Don Juan oder Die Liebe zur Geometrie Celestina Nanny Fornis Schauspielakademie CreArte
2014 Das Schiedsgericht Pamphile / Göttin Tyche Nanny Fornis Schauspielakademie CreArte
2013 Schlafwagen Pegasus Pflegerin Walter Becker Schauspielakademie CreArte
2013 Königinnen von Frankreich Mamselle Marie Sidonie Cre... Walter Becker Schauspielakademie CreArte
2013 Das lange Weihnachtsmahl Genevieve Walter Becker Schauspielakademie CreArte
2013 Vorstadtträume Tina Baldi Punch Walter Becker Schauspielakademie CreArte

Projects as speaker
year title type of project job client
2013 Zugvogel Hörspiel Sprecherin als Indianerin Benjamin Steinhagen

Further Projects
year project-type title occupation company external link
2013 dance 100 Jahre Sinnlichkeit Tango Tänzerin Republica del Tango 
2007 - 2009 Musical Unzensiert - Ein Jugendtanzprojekt Sängerin /Tänzerin zukunft bringts 

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Basic details
self portrayal englishVildan Cirpan was born in Isny in the Allgäu in 1991. Already during primary school she learned to play the violin in a youth music school and was onstage at the age of 10 for her first play. As a member of a hip hop group, she participated in several competitions and at the age of 16, through an audition, she became part of the youth dance project "Unzensiert", supported by the city of Kempten in the Allgäu, where she was able to prove herself as a singer and dancer. Through this, she contracted a passion about acting - and pursued it. In August 2014 she successfully finished her acting training at the international acting academy CreArte in Stuttgart 
height165 cm - 5' 5'' ft/in 
weight52 kg - 114 lb. 
body typeslim 
skin type Arabian, Oriental, White Central European
hair colourchestnut 
hair lengthlong 
eye colourblue-grey 
nationality German
languages German (mother tongue), English (basic), Turkish (fluently)
Allgäuerisch, Swabian (native)
singing A cappella (professional)
instruments violin (basic knowledge)
skills (dances) Argentine Tango (professional), Hip Hop (professional)
skills (sports) fencing (sport), inline skating, swimming, snowboarding
licences B (car)
immediate working area Berlin, München
1st residence Berlin
other possibilities of accommodation Berlin, Munich, Istanbul, Stuttgart