Little Bridge Pictures

Production Company, documentary production

Little Bridge Pictures: Production Company, documentary production

Contact Leyla Hoppe
Phone +49 30 24628158
Fax+49 30 24628157
Address   Torstr. 154
10115 Berlin

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Projects as production company
year title movie type director
2016 Shampoo - Sherossa Commercial Charles Yamine
2016 Das letzte Abteil Indie Feature F... Andreas Schaap
2016 Gaza Surf Club Documentary, WDR Philip Gnadt

company profileThe Berlin-based company Little Bridge Pictures was established as a corporate entity for the production of feature film, documentary and art projects in January 2013 by Michael Dupke (producer), Benny Theisen (managing partner) and Andreas Schaap (writer and director). 
year of foundation 2013
number of employees 3
immediate working area HQ: Berlin