Sebastian Keerl

At Crew United registered projects | 20 of 27 |
year title movie type credited as comment
2014 Honig im Kopf Feature Film production manager Deutschland-Teil
2013 Nicht mein Tag Feature Film production manager nur Nachdreh Wuppertal und Köln
2011 Agent Ranjid rettet die Welt Feature Film production manager
2010 Otto´s Eleven Feature Film film financing coordinator
2008 Friendship! Feature Film production coordinator USA, Berlin, München
2007 ProSieben Funny Movies - H3. Halloween Hor... TV-Movie (Series), ProSieben production sound mixer Vertretung Oliver Jergis
2007 Mörder Short Feature Film production manager
2007 Miss Swiss Said - WTD Music Video producer, production manager
2007 Children For A Better World e.V. - Jugend ... Image Film director
2006 Duell Short Feature Film producer
2006 41 Seconds Short Feature Film producer, producer
2006 Hadi Evlen Short Feature Film director of photography
2006 funny-frisch - Presenter Commercial boom operator
2005 Rosalie and Bruno Short Feature Film production sound mixer Vertretung 2 Tage
2005 Moonman Short Feature Film, BR, KiKA Ki... production sound mixer Nachdreh
2005 Pitkaot - Notes Of Request Documentary production manager Dreh in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem und Mün...
2005 asia-med - Dispenser Corporate Film director, production manager
2004 Der geheime Brief Short Feature Film, Disney Chan... boom operator
2004 Hitzschlag Short Feature Film still photographer Fotovorproduktion Ausstattung
2004 Mastercard - Brothel Commercial still photographer Setfotos