Sascha Ley

Sascha Ley, actor, Luxemburg

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Projects as actress
year title movie type director part
2013 Fieber Feature Film Elfi Mikesch Mme Marguerite [SR]
2011 Hannah Arendt Feature Film Margarethe von Trott... Lore Jonas [SR]
2010 Mano De Dios Short Feature Fil... Adolf El Assal Inspecteur Schmidt [SR]
2009 The Hunters Feature Film Etienne Huet Lehrerin [SR]
2009 Les Lettres de Julia Short Feature Fil... Isabelle Costantini Sascha [SR]
2008 Räuberinnen Feature Film Carla Lia Monti Karla [SR]
2008 House of Boys Feature Film Jean-Claude Schlim Franks Mutter [SR]
2007 Time For New Heroes Short Feature Fil... Christian Neuman Mutter [SR]
2007 You for Me Short Feature Fil... Cyrus Neshvad Diane [SR]
2005 Deep Frozen Feature Film Andy Bausch Shanell [SR]
2004 Tatort - Teufel im Leib TV-Movie (Series), Degeto, SR Hans-Christoph Blume... Dr. Barbara Schreiner [SR]
2004 La Revanche Feature Film Andy Bausch Tessie [L]
2003 Autobahnraser Feature Film Michael Keusch Die Fahrschullehrerin [SR]
2001 De Tweeling Feature Film Ben Sombogaart junge Frau [SR]
2000 Shadow of the Vampire Feature Film E. Elias Merhige betrunkene Frau [BP]
2000 CQ Feature Film Roman Coppola Journalistin [SR]
1998 8 1/2 Women Feature Film Peter Greenaway Nonne [SR]
1997 Back in Trouble Feature Film Andy Bausch Juliette [SR]

Basic details
height166 cm - 5' 5'' ft/in 
body typeslim 
skin type White Central European
hair colourash blond 
hair lengthlong 
eye colourgrey-green 
nationality German, Luxembourgian
languages English (fluently), Italian (fluently), French (fluently), Luxembourgian (fluently)
singing Chanson (professional), Jazz (professional)
instruments piano (good), percussion (good), ukelele (good)
skills (dances) Latin-American (basic knowledge), Standard (basic knowledge)
skills (sports) karate, yoga
experience shooting in foreign countries Southeast Asia: India
licences B (car)
immediate working area Luxembourg
1st residence Luxembourg
other possibilities of accommodation Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Saarbrücken