Dennis Todorovic

At Crew United registered projects | 20 of 21 |
year title movie type credited as comment
2018 Testostereo Showreel Production director
2018 Gleichbehandlung Showreel Production director
2017 Hangover Showreel Production director
2017 Wir müssen reden Showreel Production director
2017 Lügen Showreel Production director
2017 Wieder am Flirten Showreel Production director
2017 Hackerin Education/Training Production director
2017 Eigener Weg Education/Training Production director
2016 Chicago - A Legal Affair Short Feature Film director, screenwriter
2016 Die Laika Kapsel Teaser (Film Concept) director
2014 TheProdigal Sister Feature Film director, screenwriter
2012 The Inner Center Short Feature Film director
2012 Schnitzel und Dolmades (Webserie) Educational Series director
2011 Abschlussfilm - Frischfleisch Education/Training Production director
2011 Abschlussfilm - Ex! Education/Training Production director
2009 Saša Feature Film director
2008 Nefes al, Alma, nefes al! Short Feature Film director, screenwriter, editor
2006 Kick it like Zombies Short Feature Film director
2005 Love of Fate Short Feature Film director, screenwriter
2005 Ludmila Documentary director