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C-Films (Deutschland) GmbH: Production Company

Contact Mady Schimeczek
Phone +49 40 209472214
Fax+49 40 209472229
Email info@c-films.de
Homepage   http://www.c-films.de
Address   Neuer Pferdemarkt 23
20359 Hamburg

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Projects as production company | 20 of 22 | SHOW ALL
year title movie type director comment
2018 Nahschuss Feature Film Franziska Stünkel
2018 Einmal Sohn, immer Sohn TV Movie, ARD [de], D... Thomas Jauch
2017 Rudi Assauer - Macher. Mensch. Legende Documentary Don Schubert
2017 Boris Becker: Der Spieler Documentary, SWR [de], W... Hanns Bruno Kammertöns
2017 45 Min - Vollgas brutal. Was tun gegen Rüp... Documentary, NDR [de] Lutz G. Wetzel
2017 Der Reichstag Docu-Fiction, arte, NDR [... Christoph Weinert
2017 Searching for Ingmar Bergman Documentary Felix Moeller
2016 Schlagerland Documentary, ARD [de] Arne Birkenstock
2016 Casper - Lang Lebe Der Tod (feat. Blixa Ba... Music Video Christian Alsan
2016 Right Here Right Now Feature Film Jakob Lass
2016 Benno Teaser (Series ... Oscar Ortéga Sanchez
2016 My Brother Simple Feature Film Markus Goller Koproduzent
2015 Oskar Fever Short Feature F... Robin Polak
2015 Ostfriesisch für Anfänger Feature Film Gregory Kirchhoff
2015 Red Bull - Dance Trip Trailer Viviane Blumenschein
2015 Hans Fallada - Ou L'Èxil Intèrieur Docu-Fiction Christoph Weinert
2014 4 Könige Feature Film Theresa von Eltz
2014 Die wilden Zwanziger - Berlin und Tucholsk... Documentary (Se... Christoph Weinert
2014 Der Mann der Udo Jürgens ist Documentary, ARD [de] Michael Wech
2014 Im Sog der Salafisten Documentary, arte, ORF [... Helmar Büchel


Mady Schimeczek
Assistentin des Produzenten
phone: +49 40 2094722214
eMail: schimeczek@c-films.de

company profileAs the subsidiary of Markenfilm and C-Films AG, C-Films (Deutschland) GmbH, located in Hamburg, develops and produces features, TV films, as well as documentaries.
With our movies we aim for the highest possible quality. We want to be internationally competitive and economically successful.
We stand for respect, acknowledgement and appreciation of individuals and disapprove any kind of discrimination.
We aim to be an attractive and reliable partner for the film industry. We work with the best professionals and support their education and training.
year of foundation 2009
number of employees 5
immediate working area HQ: Hamburg