Max Julian Otto  AGD

storyboard artist

Max Julian Otto, storyboard artist, Leipzig

Phone   +49 170 7334442

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Projects as storyboard artist | 20 of 133 | SHOW ALL
year title movie type director production comment
2017 Outfittery - Herbst/Winter. Be... Commercial Andreas Henn Dog Ear Films
2017 Lotto - STS-Lied Commercial Robin Polak Das Rund GmbH [at]
2017 Mytoys - Vatertag. Zwillinge Commercial Robin Polak Czar
2017 Audi Q5 - AOZ (Produktfilm) Image Film Oliver Wuerffell PUK - Philipp und Ke...
2017 WV Passat GTE - Buttons Commercial Lutz Hattenhauer Film Deluxe GmbH
2017 Lara Feature Film Jan-Ole Gerster Schiwago Film GmbH
2017 Die Unsichtbaren Feature Film Markus Dietrich Ostlicht Filmprodukt...
2016 Bionorica - Sinupret eXtract. ... Commercial Wiebke Berndt E+P Films GmbH
2016 Barmer - Jeder hat sein Rezept... Commercial Robin Polak Czar
2016 Barmer - Tut, was ihr nicht la... Commercial Robin Polak Czar
2016 Ebay Plus - Wette. Hipster Commercial Robin Polak crossing GmbH
2016 Ebay Plus - Poledancer, Messer... Commercial Robin Polak crossing GmbH
2016 Katharina Luther TV Movie, ARD, BR, De... Julia von Heinz Eikon Süd GmbH
2015 Milford - Lebe deinen Früchtet... Commercial Andreas Henn Dog Ear Films
2015 DKMS Deutsche Knochenmarkspend... Commercial Laurentius Emmelma... E+P Films GmbH
2015 Käserei Champignon - Rougette ... Commercial Ron Eichhorn E+P Films GmbH
2015 Groupon - Business Image Film Andreas Henn Dog Ear Films
2015 Groupon - Makeover Commercial Andreas Henn Dog Ear Films
2015 Fiat Abarth - Welcome Noise Commercial Emil Möller The Family S.R.L. [i...
2015 Leibniz Pick Up! - Minis Commercial Robin Polak Markenfilm GmbH & Co...

Film projects in other activities
year title movie type director production comment
2017 This is the War Room! Short Documenta... Boris Hars-Tschachotin Liquid Blues Product... graphic artist
2017 Pre-Crime Documentary various Kloos & Co. Medien G... graphic artist
2016 Groupon - Make Your Summer Sen... Commercial Andreas Henn Dog Ear Films storyliner
2014 Oskar Fever Short Feature F... Robin Polak C-Films (Deutschland... concept artist
2014 Point Break Feature Film Ericson Core Alcon Entertainment ... concept artistKonzeptzeichnungen...
2013 DENZ - D1 Corporate Film Andreas Henn Dog Ear Films graphic artist
2013 Studio B - Huawei Corporate Film Andreas Henn Dog Ear Films graphic artist
2010 Tom Sawyer Feature Film, Degeto Hermine Huntgeburth Neue Schönhauser Fil... concept artist
2009 Der kleine Nazi Short Feature F... Petra Lüschow Kordes & Kordes Film... production designer
2007 Monogamie für Anfänger TV Movie, arte, SWR Marc Malze Maran Film GmbH graphic artist
2004 Don´t be woolish Short Feature F... Max Julian Otto Kordes & Kordes Film... director

year award
2005 Gudrun-Wassermann-Buschan-Preis der Stadt Mannheim für Bühnen- und Kostümbild

 type description
The Poll Diaries Concept 2
The Poll Diaries Concept
01 Honda Civic | Eichhorn
02 Honda Civic | Eichhorn
01 TVM
02 TVM
03 TVM
01 Jacobs
02 Jacobs

Basic details
self portrayal englishMax Julian Otto is an internationally working illustrator. Since 1999, he has been drawing storyboards for more than 500 commercials and feature films, worked for various publishing houses, museums and agencies. As scenographer, M.J. Otto worked for various theaters in Germany, amongst others the GRIPS Theater, Berlin. In Addition, he designed costumes and stage for the Valerian Gunia State Theatre in Poti, Georgia, and the Karelian National Theatre Petrozavodsk, Russia. Among others, his works were displayed at the German Film Museum, Berlin, and at the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museum, Mannheim.
nationality German
languages German (mother tongue), English (fluently)
experience shooting in foreign countries Eastern Europe: Estonia, Poland

Western Europe: England
special skillsZeichnung/ Visual Storytelling/ Szeongrafie 
immediate working area Leipzig
1st residence Saxony
other possibilities of accommodation Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg
associations The Network of Independent Designers [de]