Veith Unger

At Crew United registered projects
year title movie type credited as comment
2017 Heilig's Blechle Series Pilot delegate producer
2017 The Faithful's Greatest Act Short Feature Film producer
2017 PETA - Fließband Commercial producer
2017 PETA - Best Friend Commercial producer
2017 Die Kirche bleibt im Dorf - Die Serie TV Series, SWR production secretary Vorbereitung
2016 Lule Liebe Lila Short Feature Film location manager
2016 München Exerimental Film producer
2015 Dead Girls Dont't Love Short Feature Film producer
2015 Pur - Achtung Music Video set runner
2015 Club Europa Indie Feature Film, ZDF set builder assistant
2014 Caspars Welt Short Feature Film producer
2014 Pitter Patter goes my Heart Short Feature Film production manager
2014 Jagon Short Feature Film, SWR production manager
2013 Do it yourself Short Feature Film 2nd unit dop
2011 Wolf Short Feature Film director, director of photography, ...