Amour Fou Luxembourg [lu]

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Contact Jacqueline Wild
Phone +352 811 681
Fax+352 811 68182
Address   49-51 rue de Warken
9088 Luxemburg

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Projects as production company | 20 of 25 | SHOW ALL
year title movie type director comment
2018 Yalda Feature Film Massoud Bakhshi
2017 Die Unsichtbaren Feature Film Markus Dietrich
2017 Angelo Feature Film Markus Schleinzer
2017 And Then You Short Feature F... Kim Schneider
2016 Casting a Woman Short Feature F... Caroline Kox
2016 MappaMundi Docu-Fiction Bady Minck
2015 Egon Schiele - Tod und Mädchen Feature Film Dieter Berner Koproduzent
2015 Die Nacht der 1000 Stunden Feature Film Virgil Widrich
2015 Long Lost Short Feature F... Nadia Masri
2015 Free Spaces Documentary Ina Ivanceanu
2013 Fieber Feature Film Elfi Mikesch
2013 Amour Fou Feature Film Jessica Hausner
2012 Naked Opera Documentary Angela Christlieb
2011 Hannah Arendt Feature Film Margarethe von Trotta
2009 Empire Me - Der Staat bin ich! Documentary, arte, ZDF Paul Poet
2008 The Future's Past - Creating Cambodia Documentary Susanne Brandstätter
2006 Silent Resident Feature Film Christian Frosch
2006 Appearing To Be Short Feature F... Bady Minck
2006 Being and Nothingness Short Feature F... Bady Minck
2004 Bunica Documentary various

year of foundation 2016
immediate working area HQ: Luxembourg