Max Raeder  BFS

editor, assistant editor

Max Raeder, editor, assistant editor, Berlin

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Mobile   +49 176 32306009
Phone   +49 30 86450508

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Projects as editor
year title movie type editor production comment
2013 Fringes - Kindom of Germany Documentary Ser... Max Raeder Vice Media GmbH
2011 Massaka 36 - Interview mit ein... Music Video Max Raeder Moviestuff Pictures

Projects as assistant editor
year title movie type editor production comment
2012 Exit Marrakech Feature Film Patricia Rommel Desert Flower Filmpr...

Further Projects
year project-type title occupation company external link
2014 self-employment SevenSails Seychelles 2013 Editor Daumenkino 
2014 self-employment Abrath Top Speed Model Pitching Vid... Editor Propellerfilm 
2014 freelancing Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund Editor Propellerfilm 
2014 Event Bread and Butter Berlin Winter 2014 Editor Daumenkino  

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Basic details
self portrayal englishAbout Me:
Editing and film-making have been my passion for nearly a decade now.
I love digging deep into the material and reading between the lines instead of only presenting the obvious - and then to distil that material and,
with the right rhythm, produce the most convincing audio-visual narrative possible.
Strong storytelling that immerses the audience, is what fascinates me.

That said, I also enjoy applying my creativity to other areas of production as well: concept development, writing, interviews, researching, filming and directing. Because I also love being in the field, you sometimes find me doing just about any kind of on-set work. (Well, nearly any kind.)

I was brought up bi-lingually in Munich, New York and Sydney -
in the latter I lived for 9 years, during which time I received
my Master of Film and Digital Image. As a result of my good grades and my
work experience I was allowed to complete my Masters degree in 3 rather than 4 years.

I then started finding jobs in mostly smaller productions - anything that I thought would further my skills in any way: editing, sound and camera work, directing and production.
As a result, I have a broad knowledge of, and experience with, a wide
array of formats (from 16 mm to 4K) and roles in filmmaking (from pre-
to postproduction, I think I pretty much did every job at least once,
including standing in front of the camera!).

Much of my work has been centered around virals, portraits,
documentaries, fashion films, image films, short films,
pitch videos, travel videos, promotional and music videos.

Berlin has been my home for a couple of years now,
a city I thrive in, accompanied by my young little family.
nationality German, U.S.-American
languages German (mother tongue), English (mother tongue), French (basic)
experience shooting in foreign countries Australia and Oceania: Australia

North America: USA
special skillsSCHNITT !

• Regie • Konzeptualisierung • Drehbuch • Post-produktions Supervising
• Kamera • Produktion • Ton Aufnahme / Design
• Stop-frame Animation • Experimental Film (16mm)
• Grip • Script / Continuity
own equipment• 5k Imac
• Adobe CC package
• Final Studio Pro Packet
• Grosse Auswahl von Programmen und Kompressoren
• 21” Monitor (extra)
• MacBook Pro 17”
• Grosse Anzahl externer Festplatten
• Canon 5D Mark II
immediate working area Berlin, München
1st residence Berlin
other possibilities of accommodation Munich, London, Los Angeles, New York, Sydney
associations National Association of Editors [de]